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No Paper Day

On Friday we had a no paper day in Ms Curtin’s class.  We realised that we use so much paper every day and decided that we would try to save trees and try a day without paper.  To start our day, we read a story on the interactive whiteboard about caring for the earth and recycling.  We did not use any paper in PE. For maths, we practiced counting and recognising numbers by playing games with dice and counters. In music we composed music with percussion instruments and sang some songs. We went to computers and practiced our phonics. We used clay to make treasure chest coins after we listened to some pirate themed music.  Before hometime we went outside and we did a treasure hunt for colours in Irish.

Playing games in maths

Boss Glas our class recycling teddy was very pleased that we had a day without paper. It was great fun but quite hard.  We are going to try to be more careful when we use paper and we will try to recycle more because we found out that recycling one tonne of paper saves about 17 trees!

Green Schools Project


In September 2007 we registered our school with Green Schools environmental education programme for the first time. The pupils in our first committee began their work on the Litter and Waste theme in October 2007.

 Green School 28 nov 07 1 002

Sorting out waste

Green School 28 nov 07 001

Recycling paper

Green School 28 nov 07 1 004

Making Compost

Members of the committee were: 2nd class – Aoife and Callum, 3rd class – Eric and Dearbhla , 4th class – Ciara and Faolán , 5th class – Sarah and C.J. and 6th class – Shaun and Karla

Green School 28 nov 07 005 

Great minds at work!

We were awarded our first Green Flag at a presentation ceremony in Tailor’s Hall on 20th May 2008. Faolán and Ciara accompanied by Mr Boylan and Mr Keaveny collected the flag on behalf of the school.  With the co-operation of pupils in every class the Green Committee met all their targets for reducing and recycling waste.

Green Flag Presentation 22 may 08 004

In October 2008 we began our work on the theme of Energy Conservation and continued with follow through work on Waste and Recycling. We began daily collections of banana skins, apple cores and other fruit and veg waste for composting.


Fill that bin!

The pupils on our new committee were:- 2nd class – Steven and Hannah, 3rd class – Clodagh and Dara, 4th class- David and Chloe , 5th class – Ellen and Eoin  and 6th class – Mark and Rhiannon


In September 2009 Emma and Ryan  replaced Mark and Rhiannon on the committee

In January 2009 we introduced energy officers whose task was to monitor our “lights off – doors closed” saving energy initiative.


Close that door!

Help Save Energy

When leaving the classroom,

Close the door,

Or the heating will cost,

So much more!


Please be clever,

Please be bright,

If you’re leaving the classroom,

Switch off the light.


When leaving the classroom,

Remember one thing,

Close the door,

To keep the heat in!


 Off with the lights!

We also organised an art competition to highlight different ways of saving energy.


Green School Art  and Energy committee march 2010 001

Green School Art  and Energy committee march 2010 002

Green School Art  and Energy committee march 2010 003

Green School Art  and Energy committee march 2010 005

Energy Conservation Workshop

As part of our work on the energy conservation theme 30 pupils drawn from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes attended a workshop in Blanchardstown library on 17th November 2009. The event was organised by Sustainable Energy Ireland and involved the pupils in learning about renewable energy sources. They also carried out a series of cool energy experiments and greatly enjoyed their day out.

 Having applied for our 2nd Green Flag in November 2009 we were notified in March 2010 that our application was successful.  Chloe and David accompanied by Mr Boylan collected the flag at a presentation ceremony in Croke Park on 4th March 2010.

Presentation in Croke Park 2nd Flag  1

Getting The Green Flag

On Thursday 4th March Chloe and I went off to the Conference Centre in Croke Park with Mr Boylan to collect our Green Flag for Energy. When we arrived we met pupils from 30 other schools. We first had a look at Croke Park from the top of the Cusack Stand and then we went into the centre for lunch. Chloe and I had delicious spaghetti bolognaise followed by scrumptious apple crumble. Then it was time for the presentation. We received our flag from representatives of Repak and Wrigley who are the sponsors of the Green Schools. Then we made our way home to Portmarnock making sure to keep an eye on our new flag all the way. We both had a great day representing  St. Marnock’s School. (David – Rang 5)

Green School Art  and Energy committee march 2010 017

Our Green Schools Energy Officers celebrate the arrival of the 2nd Green Flag in St. Marnock’s School.

GrassRoots Puppet Show

On 8th March Jenny Fahy from GrassRoots Education used shadow puppetry to underline the importance of conserving the earth’s natural resources and living in harmony with other living creatures.  Our 3rd and 4th classes attended two separate performances. This project was funded by Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund 2009. Here are photographs of some of the slides she used to support her presentation.

GrassRoots Show March 2010 003

GrassRoots Show March 2010 006

GrassRoots Show March 2010 013

GrassRoots Show March 2010 014

GrassRoots Show March 2010 016

GrassRoots Show March 2010 017

This story is about a girl dreaming she is on an adventure.  It is also about saving energy and keeping our environment clean.  I learned how to keep our environment clean and how to save energy.  You can save energy  by closing windows and doors, turning of the lights when you don’t need them and turning off the heaters when it is warm.  It was different from other puppet shows.  My favourite bit was when the fish were chasing each other. (Claire  – Rang 3)

The talk was about saving energy and not littering.  It was a slide show.  It was all so about pollution.  I learned about fossil fuels.  I learned about a story called paradise island.  It was a very interesting story.  In the story it was all about pollution and litter.  The puppet show was very different to other puppet shows.  There was a doll called Maria.  It was the woman’s helper.  There was also a penguin in the show. (Jack – Rang 3)

The show was about saving energy, the environment and pollution.  I learned that you should never throw anything on the ground even if there are no bins around.  All you have to do is put it in your pocket and keep it in your pocket until you find a bin.  It was interesting because all of the other puppet shows are different to the slide show.  But the slide show was so good that I would go and watch it again. (Niamh – Rang 3)

The play was about an energy talk and how to save energy.  But you might think it was boring but they make it really fun and interesting.  I learned that you should be using everything over and over again.  The story was the most  interesting part because you could get into your own world.  It was about adults going to paradise island and eating everything instead of saving it.  There was  a puppet show that was ok but for me not as good as the story.  That is all I have to say. (Maria – Rang 3)

The show was about saving energy and about the environment.  I learned that it is good to save energy and that you should always save energy.  It was like a slide show.  It was interesting because it was different to any other puppet show.  There was a doll called Maria.  She told us a story about these people who got stranded on an island.  They were littering everywhere.  Their boat crashed into a large rock.  They always littered in the stream and at the end of the story they saw a boat and that was the end of the environment. (Samantha – Rang 3)

Today we went to a show about the environment in the computer room.  Well we talked about saving energy and where energy comes from and we talked about a story she made up.  The slide show used an overhead projector and silhouettes of cardboard figures cut out of cereal boxes (hand made).  And the overhead projector had the lens to get it all microscopic so you could  see the characters bigger than actual size.  The background music was on a CD.  I enjoyed it.  It was great. (Ryan –  Rang 3)

Today we went to a show about the environment in the computer room.  It was cool and Maria was so funny.  The show was all about the environment.  Jenny told us a story about 5 explorers in a boat and it crashed into big rocks.  Then they got all the trees, food and squabbits.  They used trees for fire and food and squabbits as food.  They ate all the squabbits and there were no more.  They had used up all their resources and had nothing left. (Oscar – Rang 3)

Today we went to a show about the environment in the computer room.  Yes we did and we had a great time.  A girl called Jenny did it with us.  At the start we talked about how we can save energy.  And how we saved energy to get a green flag in school.  After that she talked about how when we use electricity fumes went up in the sky.  Then she told us a story about explorers who found an island called paradise island.  There was a sparkling waterfall going down the hill.  And animals called squabbits were there.  But the explorers ate all the squabbits ( a cross of squirrels and rabbits) in one go.  And ate all the fish in one go too. (Emer – Rang 3)

Today we went to a show about the environment in the computer room.  We talked about how our school got the green flag.  I didn’t fully understand the slide show.  Jenny used her doll Maria to do the show.  She used her art to do the show.  We talked about how you could re-use and recycle.  Then she told us a story about people on an island.  The people on the island didn’t re-use or recycle. (Julia – Rang 3)

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