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Ms Curtin’s Class get Sorting

Ms Curtin’s class have been learning all about sorting in Maths this week. We sorted children in hoop sets, we sorted things in the classroom and we even sorted Elmo’s washing in a great game from the Sesame Street website. Ms Curtin said that we could become great helpers for our parents as we can help sort at home too!


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Ms Curtin’s Class are art critics

Ms Curtin’s class have been studying the artists Picasso and Matisse. We read the funny story ‘When Pigasso Met Mootisse’ .  The story was about two artistic animals that did not like the way the other painter painted their paintings.

We found out that the story was about two real life artists Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse that did not get on because each of them thought that they had the better style of painting.  We spent a few weeks studying each artist and had a go at painting in each of their styles of painting.  We found out lots of very interesting information about each artist.  Did you know that Picasso had a very long name? It was Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Clito Ruiz y Picasso Ruiz Picasso!  Matisse almost always used the same things in his pictures – a window, a dog, a vase and some flowers.  He made them look different by adding crazy patterns.

Picasso's funny faced paintings make me laugh - Oisin

Picasso's funny faced jigsaw paintings make me laugh - Oisin

We made a display of our masterpieces and had a heated discussion over which artist we preferred.

Our duelling masterpieces

No Paper Day

On Friday we had a no paper day in Ms Curtin’s class.  We realised that we use so much paper every day and decided that we would try to save trees and try a day without paper.  To start our day, we read a story on the interactive whiteboard about caring for the earth and recycling.  We did not use any paper in PE. For maths, we practiced counting and recognising numbers by playing games with dice and counters. In music we composed music with percussion instruments and sang some songs. We went to computers and practiced our phonics. We used clay to make treasure chest coins after we listened to some pirate themed music.  Before hometime we went outside and we did a treasure hunt for colours in Irish.

Playing games in maths

Boss Glas our class recycling teddy was very pleased that we had a day without paper. It was great fun but quite hard.  We are going to try to be more careful when we use paper and we will try to recycle more because we found out that recycling one tonne of paper saves about 17 trees!

Ms McGinty’s Junior Infants learn all about frogs!

Junior Infants have been very busy learning about the life cycle of the frog. We read a book called ‘Growing Frogs’ which told us the story about a girl who found frogspawn and watched it grow into tadpoles and then turn into bigger and bigger frogs. We enjoyed this story a lot!


As part of our art lesson, we decided to make some frog puppets. First, we got a paper plate and painted the inside of the plate light green as it’s mouth. Then we painted the outside of the paper plate dark green as it’s body.


We then coloured in the legs, arms, eyes and tongue.


Once the paper plate was dry, we glued the legs to the bottom and the arms onto the sides. We folded the plate in half and glued the eyes onto the top of the plate. Lastly, we glued the tongue into the inside of the paper plate and our hard work was done. Look at our beautiful frog puppets!


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