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 On Wednesday the 27th  January our school had a cake sale to raise funds for the people in Haiti after their terrible earthquake. The cake sale was well supported with nearly everyone bringing in cakes or other confectionery. It was a great success. We raised €3,336.70 for the people in Haiti and it was fun to make the cakes.  (Cian) 

Ciara and Katie from 6th class and Hannah from 3rd class made 150 pots of jelly. All sold out in less than 15 minutes. (Katie)

The Haiti cake sale was in the school hall. There were tables around the edges and when you came into the hall you could see people selling raffle tickets for a big cake. There was bread, pan cakes and ginger bread men laid out on tables and buns with icing and all kinds of colours. 5th and 6th classes made posters for the doors and corridors. A photographer from the Fingal Independent took photos and they appeared in the paper. Mr Keaveny won the raffle but he said to do it again. When the children came into the hall they were amazed at all the cakes. Everyone bought buns and cakes. We made lots of money for Haiti. Gavin from 2nd class won the cake in the raffle. (Conor)

There was a cake sale in aid of Haiti in St. Marnock’s School on Wednesday 27th January. There were lots of lovely coloured cakes. There were flapjacks, rice-crispy buns, cookies, 321’s, rocky roads and more. The parents association helped out and so did the teachers. There were tables all around the hall. People in 6th class sold tickets for the raffle. ( Emer)