World Wetlands Day 015

Our 4th, 5th & 6th Classes celebrating World Wetlands Day on 2nd February 2010

World Wetlands Day 011

Mallard Ducks Released by the Murrough Gun Club

World Wetlands Day 008

Black headed gull

Black-headed Gull

Brent Geese

Brent Geese grazing

Brent Geese Swimming

Brent Geese Swimming Near The Sluice Bridge         




Mallard Drake & Duck


Herring Gull

 When we went down to the wetlands opposite Texaco Garage we were expecting to see mallard ducks, seagulls, brent geese, lapwings, grey herons, cormorants, and maybe a kingfisher. Although we didn’t see a heron or a kinfisher we saw herring gulls, black-headed gulls and mallards. We also saw brent geese swimming in the water and a lapwing landed close by. All in all it was an enjoyable experience for everyone.  (Faolán)

Large flocks of Brent Geese spend the winter in Portmarnock every year. The count in October 2009 was 365.

The Murrough Gun Club deliver about 300 ducks to the Sluice river each year. They can be seen on the green across the road from the garage and are for the following years shooting season.  Some lucky ones manage to escape each year such as Daisy Duck who is now 5 years old. (Catherine)