Individual and Team Winners

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 North Dublin Primary Schools Cross Country Competition

After three cancellations due to bad weather the North Dublin Primary Schools Cross Country Competition eventually got underway in the Carrickhill Community pitches on Thursday 25th February at 3p.m..  Having trained consistently during first break throughout the winter months our athletes looked forward to this event with a fair degree of confidence. 400 athletes from seven schools competed in 600m and 1000m races. The underfoot conditions were not perfect but favourable weather and the determination of the competitors overcame this minor hurdle.  St. Marnock’s boys and girls competed in seven of the eight races and performed remarkably well.  Congratulations to all those who won individual plaques and team medals and well done to everybody who took part and gave of their best. We look forward to competing next term in our Annual School Sports and in the Santry Stadium Primary School Sports.

Individual Winners – Boys

U. 10 – 1st  :  D. Daly

U. 11 – 3rd : C. Gregan

U. 12 – 1st  :  A. Kavanagh

U. 12 – 3rd : D. Whelan

U. 13 – 2nd : S. Daly

U. 13 – 3rd : C. O’Daly

Team Winners – Boys

U. 10 – 1st : D. Daly, C. Ryan, A. Donnelly, S. Corcoran, B. Savage, S. Mooney, J. Whelan

U. 11 – 2nd : C. Gregan, P. Eccles, D. O’Boyle, C. Lawson Gallagher, K. Murphy, C. McCudden,

U. 12 – 2nd : A. Kavanagh, D. Whelan, F. Radford McGovern, C. Daly McGrath, D. Corcoran, A. Cucos

U. 13 – 1st : S. Daly, C. O’Daly, E. Kelly, J. Lenihan, L. Downes, N. Freeze

Individual Winners – Girls

U. 10 – 1st  : S. Eccles

U. 10 – 3rd : M. O’Connor

U. 13 – 1st : S. Boyle

U. 13 – 2nd : A. Mooney

U. 13 – 3rd : E. Kenny

Team Winners – Girls

U. 10 – 1st : S. Eccles, M. Kelly, M. O’Connor, T. Daly, C. McGowan, J. Burke

U. 11 – 2nd : S. O’Brien, D. Murphy, A. Keyes, L. Fitzpatrick, A. Fidgeon, A. Dalton

U. 13 – 1st  : S. Boyle, C. Kenny, K. Collins, C. O’Loughlin, A. Mooney, E. Kenny

At first two laps in training was hard and then it got a bit harder with three laps. The Cross Country competition was cancelled a few times and then finally it was on. I was delighted to get on one of the school teams. I arrived at the start and got ready for my race. At the end of all the races Mr Keaveny said that my team won gold. I was so happy. (Maria- Rang 3)

The build-up to cross country is tough but you get used to it. It you do it every year it gets easier. When the big day arrives you shouldn’t be running before your race otherwise you will waste your energy. When you race begins all you need do is get a good start and try to finish. (Curtis – Rang 5)

 I took part on our schools cross country team.  We had loads of training most days at first break.  Those were really hard but got easier over time.  I was third runner for the A under 13 team.  When the day came I was really nervous.  I just tried my best and I came 10th over all.  I thought it was good fun.  I would like to give a thanks to all the teachers for helping us train. (Eoin – Rang 6)

It took place on a cold February afternoon.  As in every other year the ground was muddy and soggy.  This however did not put off the spectators and runners.  We cheered on the other runners as we waited in the freezing cold.  We brought home a lot of medals and some even got plaques.  It was another successful year for St. Marnock’s. (Caoimhe -Rang 6)

The cross country race took place on 25th February 2010.  It was in the Woodlands sports field.  It was very muddy and it was very big.  The weather was really bad.  Mr. Keaveny was in charge of the cross country.  He had a megaphone.  Mr. Maughan was giving out the boys’  stickers and Miss Curtin and Miss Murphy were giving out the girls stickers.  I came 3rd in my race.  It was great.  Everybody trained really hard for it and our school did well.  We came first in the small schools.  I got a plaque and a medal. (Sarah – Rang 3)

 It was on the 25th February 2010.  There was a big track and lots of people.  The U.10’s went first, then the U.11’s, then the U.12’s and last but not least the U.13’s.  When I got there, I saw all of my friends.  I was racing in the U.10’s race.  I came 38th .  St. Marnock’s came 1st in the small school.  It took place in the Woodlands estate.  At the back of the estate is the field where we all raced.  We trained every week for it and did 3 laps. (Hannah – Rang 3)

After all the hard training the day had finally come.  All the runners got off early to be at Woodlands on time.  When we got there, there were loads of people.  We all got our stickers from teachers who were helping out.  Everyone was very nervous but excited too.  The U10 boys were the first to start and all the other races followed suit.  The track was up two pitches and back around to the finish for the younger age groups and for the older they went up another pitch.  We collected lots of plaques and team medals.  Over all it was a great day. (Sara -Rang 6)

 On Thursday the 25th February our school took part in the Annual North Dublin Cross Country races in Woodlands pitches.  The races were supposed to take place during November but due to weather conditions it was cancelled.  Our school did very well in two very difficult courses.  We won a dozen individual and team medals.  There were also other schools at the races and they also did very well. (Cian – Rang 6)