Baseline data

  • The results of Standardised Tests
  • Teacher observations


Summary of main area requiring improvements

  • Strand: Measures
  • Strand UnitsInfants – 6th:   Money


Improvement Targets

  • Improve the average score of money problems in 1st class to 6th class in the Sigma T Stanadised Tests from 50% to 55%
  • To maintain and/or increase the percentage of pupils who admit to liking Maths in middle and senior classes.


Required Actions

  • Purchase and create equipment for maths games involving money
  • Review and update existing school maths plan with emphasis on specific language used in relation to money at all class levels
  • All class teachers/LS teachers to have displays of mathematical language of money in classrooms and refer and read them regularly with class/individuals
  • Teachers to receive staff training in the area of problem solving (PDST-Croke Park hours)
  • All classes dedicate one computer slot to money on a monthly basis
  • All classes from 1st – 6th explicitly teach the ‘RUDE’ problem solving strategy
  • Classes from 3rd – 6th display and discuss a ‘Problem of the Week’ in relation to money

Junior & Senior Infants:

  1. Create money based stations in Aistear emphasising the language of money
  2. Set up early finisher activities including money

1st Class & 2nd Class:

  1. Carry out station teaching based on problem solving with money every fortnight

3rd & 4th Class:

  1. Undertake interactive games and the use of a shop in the classroom emphasising estimation when using money and the correct use of the decimal point.

5th & 6th Class:

  1. Introduce money earlier in the school year and revisit it regularly
  2. Real life application of problem solving will be focused upon weekly


Success Criteria / Measurable Outcomes

  • The results of Sigma T Standardised Tests. In order to achieve a valid comparison the same cohort of pupils should be involved in the comparison.
  • Teacher observation
  • Checklists in Infant classes


Persons Responsible

  • Class teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers
  • Management e.g. Principal
  • Parent’s Association
  • SSE Co-ordinator


Timeframe for Actions

  • September 2015 to June 2016