Literacy:  Aspect 2: Reading Fluency        


Improvement Target(s)

  1. Sustain & further increase the gap between the reading age and chronological age of children in Junior Infants from 9 months to 10 months
  2. Sustain & further increase the reading age of Senior Infants so that the reading age is 2 months greater than the chronological age


Required Actions

  • Introduce aid for reading through the implementation of in-class support in Infant classes


  • Purchase additional suitable reading material for Infant classes


  • Provide open access to a variety of books at various levels for both Junior & Senior infant teachers at two set locations in the school


  • Actively engage in CPD in the area of reading e.g. PDST, NCCA website


  • Implement a ‘Daily 5’ twice a week focusing on reading (station teaching)


  • Set up and carry out a buddy reading system once a week with 5th & 6th classes for Senior Infant classes only


Persons Responsible

  • Junior & Senior Infant Teachers
  • Principal
  • SSE Co-ordinator
  • Learning Support Teachers


Timeframe for Actions

  • September 2015 – May 2016


Review Dates

  • May 2016


Whole School Monitoring

  • Whole staff discussions of progress during staff meetings
  • Progress on achieving targets will be reviewed towards the end of the year by re-assessing the same tracker children


Individual Teacher/Classroom Monitoring

  • Monthly report in cuntas míosúíl of work covered in this aspect
  • Library record sheets & daily record sheets track progress for buddy reading system