Literacy:  Aspect 2: Vocabulary      


Improvement Target(s)

  1. Increase the overall baseline score of vocabulary from 76% to 80%
  2. Increase in pupil’s competency when choosing the correct vocabulary in the exact context from 88% to 90%

Required Actions

  • Agree on a list of homophones & homographs to teach. One list for 5th class and another for 6th class
  • Display a wide range of homographs & homophones within the classroom setting
  • Teach topical vocabulary from other curricular areas e.g. History This vocabulary will be displayed on word walls. These will be added to or changed fortnightly and reviewed regularl
  • Review the school plan in English with reference to vocabulary
  • Undertake a closed procedure activity fortnightly

Persons Responsible

  • 5th & 6th Class Teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers
  • Principal
  • SSE Co-ordinator

Timeframe for Actions

  • September 2015 – May 2016


Review Dates

  • May 2016


Whole School Monitoring

  • Whole staff discussions of progress during staff meetings
  • Progress on achieving targets will be reviewed towards the end of the year by re-assessing the same tracker children

Individual Teacher/Classroom Monitoring

  • Monthly report in cuntas míosúíl of work covered in this aspect
  • Teacher designed tests termly