Literacy:  Aspect 2: Vocabulary     


Improvement Target(s)

  1. Increase overall baseline score of vocabulary from 56% to 60%
  2. Increase word association scores by 3% from 52% to 55%


Required Actions

  • Designate 10 minutes daily to teaching vocabulary specifically through hands on activities. These activities include word tennis, Mad Libs, using magnetic letters to make sentences etc.


  • Words are to be taken from 3rd & 4th class readers and other curricular areas for vocabulary activities


  • Teachers agree on commonly mistaken words and these will be displayed in every classroom. Focus will be placed on a new word every week.


  • Play the game ‘Countdown’ once a week


  • Teachers agree on a two separate lists for 3rd & 4th for word association vocabulary before undertaking hands on games/activities

Persons Responsible

  • 3rd & 4th Class Teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers
  • SSE Co-ordinator

Timeframe for Actions

  • September 2015 – May 2016


Review Dates

  • May 2016


Whole School Monitoring

  • Whole staff discussions of progress during staff meetings
  • Progress on achieving targets will be reviewed towards the end of the year by re-assessing the same tracker children

Individual Teacher/Classroom Monitoring

  • Monthly report in cuntas míosúíl of work covered in this aspect
  • Countdown test weekly
  • Homework will support vocabulary work taught in class and will be corrected daily