Literacy:  Aspect 2:    Spellings/Phonics            


Improvement Target(s)

  1. Improve pupil spelling age from 7 years 7 months so that it matches pupil’s chronological age of 7 years 11 months
  2. Decrease the amount of non-phonetic errors as most common errors when spelling


Required Actions

  • Teach 12 tricky words a week over 6 weeks from the Jolly Phonics Grammar handbook


  • Introduce and develop multi-sensory stations when teaching spellings/phonics. Stations include: playdough, dictation, pasta shapes, bingo, fishing for letters to create words etc.


  • Use the modelling technique of ‘Use, look, cover, say & write’ as a method to help retain spellings on 2nd 6 week block of tricky words


  • Homework will support work covered on tricky words in school every week


  • Maintain and extend word walls in the classrooms of tricky words


Persons Responsible

  • 1st & 2nd Class Teachers


  • Learning Support Teachers


  • SSE Co-ordinator


Timeframe for Actions

  • September 2015 – May 2016


Review Dates

  • May 2016


Whole School Monitoring

  • Whole staff discussions of progress during staff meetings
  • Progress on achieving targets will be reviewed towards the end of the year by re-assessing the same tracker children


Individual Teacher/Classroom Monitoring

  • Monthly report in cuntas míosúíl of work covered in this aspect
  • Work samples from children’s copies to check progress
  • Weekly teacher designed tests