Baseline data

  • The results of Standardised Tests
  • Teacher observations
  • Pupil survey


Persons Responsible

  • Class teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers


Timeframe for Actions

  • September 2014 to June 2017

Learner outcomes


Reading Comprehension


Evidence that the children have an understanding of what they have read.


Differentiated book reviews with shared readers- starting from October.

Learning experiences


1) Reading for Comprehension

2) That the school library will be revamped and become a more attractive place for children to enjoy their learning experience.


1) Children will complete a book review on a fortnightly/monthly basis.

2) That all the old and rarely used books be removed from the library and replaced with more modern children’s books.

3) That all books are graded and colour code


1) Children will evaluate a book for their class, using the shared readers.

2) Classes will be timetabled to use the library on a regular basis and a system for the withdrawal and return of books will be devised.

Teachers’ practices


1) Teach children how to write a book review.

2) Question words.

3) Shared reading scheme- work done at home.


All children will complete a book review on a fortnightly/ monthly basis.


1)Teaching the children how to complete a book review from Sept to October term.

2) From October onwards, the children then complete book reviews at home.

Monitor and Review

  • Progress on achieving targets will be reviewed at the end of each year.
  • Based on the outcome of the review other strand units may be prioritised for improvement

Success Criteria / Measurable Outcomes

  • The results of Micra- T
  • Teacher observation
  • Pupil responses to survey