Mobile Phone Policy

Using mobile phones to forward inappropriate text messages or images can be considered to be forms of bullying and an invasion of privacy.   We strongly discourage pupils from bringing mobile phones to school. A phone call will always be made from the school if there is an emergency or if a child is not collected after school. The Board of Management has laid down the following regulations regarding mobile phones for the safety and protection of all.

  • Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones switched on in classrooms or to use them in the school during the school day without the permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones on school tours without the permission of a teacher.
  • Pupils using their own mobile phones in school without permission, sending nuisance text messages, or the unauthorised taking of images with a mobile phone camera will be in breach of school’s mobile phone policy.
  • A pupil who is in breach of the school’s mobile phone policy will have his/her mobile phone confiscated and it may only be retrieved from the Principal by the pupil’s parents or guardian.
  • If a parent considers it absolutely necessary for a child to have a mobile phone in school on a particular day it must be switched off and left in the Principal’s office at the owner’s risk during school time and collected at the end of the school day.