Homework Policy


  • Homework strengthens the partnership between parents, teachers and children, helps children to develop independent study habits and enables parents to become actively involved in their children’s education


  • To ensure consistent approaches to the setting of homework across the school and to avoid homework overload.
  • To encourage parents to take an interest in and share responsibility for their children’s work
  • To give children the opportunity to memorise and further study areas already taught in school.


  • Homework acts as a form of communication between school and home.
  • It allows teachers and parents/guardians see how a child is progressing in different areas.
  • It helps to develop the child’s self-discipline and become an independent learner.
  • It is helpful to revise or reinforce work done in school.
  • It may be used to finish work that was begun in school

 Pupils have responsibility to ensure :

  • That they take home the relevant books and copies.
  • That homework is entered accurately in homework diary.
  • That tasks are completed to the best of their ability.

 Suggested Role of Parents:

  • Encourage a positive attitude towards homework from an early age.
  • Encourage the child to undertake his/her homework independently. 
  • To decide on a suitable time for doing homework, taking into account age, the need for playtime, relaxation and family time.
  • To provide a quiet place, suitable work surface, free from distractions.
  • To sign the homework notebook having checked that the assigned work has been completed and to alert the teacher if a child is experiencing difficulty with homework.

 Suggested Time To Complete Homework Assignments:

  • Junior Infants               – Up to 10 minutes
  • Senior Infants               – Up to 20 minutes
  • 1st Class                            – Up to 30 minutes
  • 2nd Class                          – Up to 30 minutes
  • 3rd Class                          – Up to 45 minutes
  • 4th Class                          – Up to 45 minutes
  • 5th Class                          – Up to 1 hour
  • 6th Class                          – Up to 1 hour
  • As a general rule homework is not given on Fridays