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Mr. Corkery’s Class Parachute Science Project

Today we learned about Parachutes and how they work. It was great fun learning about the science involved in parachutes. We watched some of the amazing achievements around the world involved in skydiving and parachuting. These included Felix Baumgardeners jump from the stratosphere and this year a man jumped with no shoot and landed on a net. That was scary to watch.

We then had to make and design our very own parachutes using plastic, string, tape, and a cup. The idea was that we were going to fly a parachute off the school building and land it safely on the ground. It turned out that all of the eggs had hit the ground. But some had only barely cracked. We did our best to ensure the eggs didn’t crack. To make it personal to our teams we named our eggs, Pablo EGG_scabar, John the egg, Bobby, Charlie and The Barron of Eggingham. Most survived with minor head injuries. HAHAHA.  

Junior & Senior Infants Go On Tour 2017

Junior and Senior Infants went to Puddenhill last week on their school tour. We had the best day! We had a chance to visit the farm in the morning, we helped the farmer with some of her chores, collecting eggs and feeding the ducks, we even got to pet some of the animals! In the afternoon we spend our time in a big play centre, we had lots of fun with all of our friends and we were so tired after our busy day lots of us fell asleep on the bus home!


My favourite part of the school tour was getting to pet the kitten and collecting the eggs for the farmer! I had so much fun – Grace K.

I loved the play centre on the school tour because it was so high and everyone was hyper and having so much fun – India S.

My favourite part was the play area because it had a really big slide and everyone was together – Enda. H


Michelangelo Art in Ms. Moran’s Class!

This week we have been learning about the artist Michelangelo! We decided to create summer themed pictures and used one of the same techniques as Michelangelo by lying on our backs and drawing above us. It was a bit trickier than we expected but we had great fun trying it out!


Action Ireland Trust Lesotho 2018 Project – Early Childhood Development Centre

We would like to thank all parents and families for their support during our recent non-uniform day. As we explained to the pupils, our Green Flag theme this year is Global Citizenship. All monies raised will go directly  to fund the building materials for the Lesotho Early Childhood Development Centre project, where our own Ms. Judith Rogan volunteers each year.

Some more details about the project…

After 3 years of planning and design together with UNICEF, the sod was turned on site in February 2017. This pilot project will provide education and care to the 0-5 age group. This will allow mothers to work and provide a safe and secure environment for these children. At a cost of over €100,000 and part funded by the Ministry of Education and Training in Lesotho, it is hoped that the centre will be the first of many such facilities in Lesotho.





3rd Class Go To Skerries Community Centre On Their Tour

On Wednesday we all had partners. We went on a bus. It took 30 minutes  to Skerries Community Centre. We played football. We went to a mill. Then some people did an obstacle course. Then we had lunch. Yum yum! It was so much fun. It only felt like 7 minutes. There were 4 bouncy castles. We played tag on the bouncy castles.  It was really funny.  It was like the best school tour ever.  Oh yes I forgot to tell you about the bus. It was a first class. There was carpet on the floor. If you wanted to sleep you could close the curtains. The bus driver was really nice and we called him Coffee. It was really funny. It was so loud on the bus. Then we got to school. Sadly the school tour was over. The second we got into school, the bell rang. Ding dong ding dong ding dong. We ran to the door to go home. It all went good.

by Oisín N. in Ms. McGinty’s Class

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