Listed below are some of the activities the Committee  organised in the last academic year:

Insurance Scheme 

222 children have been insured in this year’s optional Personal Accident Insurance Scheme.  This runs from 1st September to 31st August.  This is run in conjunction with the school’s existing insurance programme.  A full list of the insured is available in the office.

Swimming Lessons

We offer swimming lessons in the PSLC to children from Senior Infant class upwards.  Lorraine Marshall & Jacinta Morrison are the co-ordinators.

Book Fair

This event was held in November.  As always this helps to replenish the School library stocks as the Book Company will give a percentage of the overall spend in books to the School.  This is very welcome particularly as the funding for library books has been abolished.

Mulled Wine Evening

This event is hugely popular with a record attendance this year.  Pupils from 3rd and 4th Class sang seasonal songs on the night and were accompanied by the many musically talented Teachers.  Thanks to Mr. Keaveny and the Teachers for all the work they put into making the entertainment such a success. The committee thoroughly enjoy organising this event.

Selection Box Appeal

This is held in December every year and as always was very well supported this year. The children love taking in the gift-wrapped selection boxes and placing them under the lovely crib in the school.  St. Vincent de Paul greatly values our support with this event and are very appreciative.

Christmas Tree

This was the 5th year we organised for a Christmas Tree to put up in front of the School. This gives the school an extra festive touch, brightens up Strand Road and supports the local sale of Christmas Trees for charity.  Thanks must go to Liam Corrish who always makes sure we get a great tree at a reasonable price and to John for his efforts in putting up this tree and the lights.

Trócaire Boxes

The Trócaire boxes are given out to the children just before Lent begins. We then empty the boxes and organise for their collection by Trócaire.

Credit Union Quiz

This year we helped with the organization of class quizzes from end October to December ’09.  Teams were then picked to represent the school and had practice runs over 4 weeks leading up to the main quiz which took place on Monday 1st February ’10.  A big thank you goes to Breda Carey for all her work in the preparation of questions over the few months, a huge amount of work went into it.  Thanks also goes to all those who volunteered to correct the papers and supervise the trial runs. 

Cross Country

This event was cancelled due to bad weather – to be held weather permitting after the February mid-term break.

Swimming Gala

We organise a swimming gala, due to take place March 22nd ’this year.  The gala is divided into two categories, a Fun Gala for the first hour and then Competitive Gala for the 2nd hour.  This event is enjoyed by the children and many thanks to all those who help with the event.

Confirmation and Communion and Graduation

We host tea/coffee receptions for the Communion and Confirmation children and their families after the ceremonies.  A tea/coffee reception will also held this year after the graduation Mass for 6th class pupils and their families.

Sports Day

Sports day is always a highlight for the children.  We had many helpers last year which was great and helped to ensure the events ran smoothly.  The Parent’s Association provided water, juice and fruit for the children and it was well received. We also provided rosettes for all the junior participants. 

Sand Castle Exhibition

Workshops were held with 4th class pupils and students from the Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dun Laoghaire in May 2009. There were workshops in class one morning and then the sculptures were built on the beach the following day, despite inclement weather! 6 sculptures were created and there was a prize for the best team.  The event was sponsored by the Parents Association and Fingal County Council. The pupils, teachers and parents involved all enjoyed the event very much and it is hoped that it will run again in 2010. A big thank you to Diog O’Connell for initiating and coordinating this event.

Astronomy Ireland

Warranged for Astronomy Ireland to come and give a talk to the school late last year.  The children were delighted with the event and left full of information, facts and enthusiasm about the planets etc.

Painting of Classrooms

We undertook the painting of 4 classrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 cloakrooms and the Secretary’s office over a weekend in July ‘09.  We had 40 volunteers who did everything from cleaning, scrubbing, scraping, sanding, painting, hovering, providing cakes, sweets and sandwiches to providing moral support.  This was such a great event to be part of.  The results were great and most importantly we had great fun.  It’s amazing what you can do on a very small budget when you have willing bodies.  Sincere thanks to everybody involved in this project. We also re-painted the artwork in the yard over the summer and despite many between the showers dashes, it turned out really well.  Thanks to all who helped.

Fundraising for GOAL for Haiti Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, both the staff of St. Marnock’s and the Parents Association organised a cake sale on Wednesday 27th January which took place in the school.  All proceeds from the event are going to GOAL who are currently on the ground in Haiti. There was a great response from the children who took in their home baking to school with them and displayed them with pride, only for some of them to buy it back again!  The event went really well, with a great feedback from everyone who walked through the school doors. When told of the current total of almost €3,400, the GOAL team were delighted, as it was a fantastic result and they really appreciated all the hard work and to pass it on onto all who helped. A word of thanks go to the Staff and Parents’ Association of St. Marnock’s for organizing it and to all the children of the school who gave so generously by baking and buying.  Many thanks again to all who helped and supported this event for such a worthy cause.

Sports Co-Ordinator

A member of the PA is to take up the role of Sport Co-ordinator in the New Year.  This will mean liaising with the coaches of all the school teams and communicating details of training and matches to the parents of the children involved, through web texting.

Interactive Whiteboards

St. Marnock’s School currently have 9 interactive whiteboards installed in mainstream classrooms, with a number of them being commissioned at the moment and training taking place.  The Parents’ Association are very grateful for this and are proud to announce that they are to buy one of four remaining whiteboards required, so that all classes by early 2010 will have interactive whiteboards installed.  This is a great achievement and one that will hugely benefit the children down through their primary school years at St. Marnock’s.  The installation of boards has been made possible by the ongoing generous response of parents to the school’s Voluntary Donations Fund. Many thanks to Liam Kelly who arranged sponsorship for one board and to the teachers for embracing this new technology with open arms and demonstrating it to the children.  As of Monday 8th February, the remaining whiteboards were installed.


There are many people we would like to thank for their hard work and support throughout the last year: 

Pat Keaveny, the Teachers, Deirdre, John and Pat, the Traffic Wardens.  There is no doubt that they have all put their hearts and souls into this school and we appreciate all they do. 

 A special word of thanks to Pauline Brickley who attends the Parents’ Association meetings and whose contributions are invaluable. 

 Also thanks to Siobhan Crean-Lynch for preparing the year end accounts and Treasurer’s report voluntarily.

 We are always looking for new ideas and would welcome any suggestions anybody might have.  Better still, if you have a particular talent or service which you think might benefit the children, please feel free to let us know.