Creating of a Business Network Directory

For parents of St. Marnock’s 

31st  May 2010

Dear Parents,                                                                                      

In the current economic climate and job losses affecting more and more people every day, the Parents’ Association are hoping to help out by creating and compiling a directory and advertising the professional skills of students’ parents.  The idea would be for parents to email details of products or services that they provide, to the parents’ association email address.  A directory would then be compiled by the PA and linked onto the website and updated on a constant basis.  The school recently launched a new website.  The address is http://www.stmarnocks.scoilnet.ie.

So therefore, when you require or are buying a product or service, personally or for your company or organisation, you can consult the directory and give those listed an opportunity to quote for the service.  This can generate business within the area and therefore we, as parents of children who attend St. Marnock’s, will all support each other. 

If you are a parent that provides a product or service and wish to be included in this directory, please email stmarnockspa@gmail.com.

We would encourage all those who provide a service or product to forward their information and we will get it up and running as soon as possible.


Suzanne Ryan


St. Marnock’s Parents’ Association



WEDNESDAY 26th May @ 8pm

 18th    May 2010

 Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                

The Parents’ Association have organised a speaker from The Rutland Centre to come to the school to give a talk on Substance Abuse.  We invite all parents/guardians to come along to the school on Wednesday 26th May 2010 @ 8pm where Dr Fiona Weldon, a clinical psychologist from the Rutland Centre, will give the talk. As this has always been a problem and has become more widespread during the last year, we feel that there is a greater need for parents/guardians to educate themselves. 

 The talk is free of charge however donations to The Rutland Centre would be greatly appreciated.

Hope that many of you will attend and come away from it more informative.

 Thanks and Regards

Parents’ Association Committee


Second-hand book scheme

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

 The Parents’ Association is running the second-hand book scheme again this year.  We will endeavour to match up interested families.  We hope to keep the scheme simple.  It will run as follows:


  • If you would like to take part in the scheme please complete the slip below and return it to the school no later than Friday 28th May 2010.


  • We will match as many people as possible and will provide the Parents/Guardians with the details of the person they have been matched with (and a list of the appropriate books) in order for them to arrange to inspect the books. 


  • If the books are in good order both parties can agree a price between themselves.  They also agree when and where the books will be handed over and paid for.  Please note, books should not be handed over until the school term has finished.


  • The Parents’ Association’s only involvement in the transaction will be to put the parties in touch with each other.


We hope that this scheme will be of value to you.

 Yours sincerely,

Parents’ Association

 Print Pupil’s name:___________________________       

Class __________________________

Print Parent/Guardian’s Name: ____________________        

 Contact no. __________________

 I wish to be involved in the second-hand book scheme in order to  ________________ * books.

*Please indicate whether you wish to buy, sell or buy and sell books.


In returning the slip signed, I agree to take part in the scheme as outlined above and for my contact details to be given to another parent.

 Signed __________________________________________ Parent/Guardian




2010 Bullying Talk


2010 Haiti Cake Sale


 Selection Box Appeal

Dear Parents,

The annual St Vincent de Paul selection box appeal is due to take place next week; Monday 7th – Friday 11th of December. Children can bring their wrapped selection boxes to the Christmas tree in the entrance hallway before 9.15a.m any morning. Please indicate if the selection box is intended for a boy or girl unless it is a generic one.

 Kind regards

 St Marnock’s Parents Association

December 2009 


School Book Fair

Dear Parents, Pupils and Teachers,

 St. Marnock’s School  Parents’ Association will operate a Book Fair in the school on  Wednesday evening 18th November for parents and on Thursday morning 19th November and Friday morning 20th November for children.  The Book Fair aims to provide books that will meet your children’s needs and interests, improve their reading skills and increase their enjoyment of literature.  The wide range of titles will cater for children in all classes from Junior Infants to 6th Class inclusive.


  • Parents and children accompanied by parents may purchase books on Wednesday 18th   between 7.30p.m. and 8.30.p.m.


  • Children may purchase books on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th between 9a.m. and 10a.m..


  • Please remember that there is no obligation on parents/children to purchase books at the Book Fair.


  • Pupils will have an opportunity to view the books on display during school hours.  


  • Each pupil will receive a brochure which will show a sample of the range of books available. 

  • The school will receive a discount in books for the school library to the value of 60% of the total Book Fair takings.
  • In the interest of being environmentally friendly could you please bring your own bag.

I wish to thank the teachers for their co-operation and I hope that you will be able to visit and enjoy the Book Fair.

 Yours sincerely,

 St. Marnock’s Parents’ Association

 12th November 2009.

Sports Co-ordinator

 Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Parents Association has appointed a sports coordinator to act as a central point of contact for the teams in the school. This means that there will be a direct contact through which the team coaches will be able to relay information regarding training and matches.

If you wish to be added to the contact list in order to receive updates by text for your child’s team, please fill in your details below and return to the school/team coach as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

St Marnock’s N.S. Parents Association

October 2009

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Parent/Guardian Name:        _______________________________

Contact number:                         _______________________________


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