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Rico Visits St. Marnock’s

Yesterday, Rico the therapy dog came to visit the school. He visited some classes and the children got a chance to pet him.

Some children were very lucky and got to feed him as well as brush him.

Rico was very happy leaving St.  Marnock’s.

We hope he visits again very soon!

Bumbulance Visits St. Marnock’s N.S.

At the assembly Bumbulance came! A lady who looks after the fundraising for Bumbulance spoke to us about Bumbulance. There even was a adult sized Bumbulance there and we got our photos taken with him. We got Bumbulance stickers, bookmarks and tattoos. There was also a very funny author there. Her name was Patricia Forde. She read one boom to us called ‘Frogs Do Not Like Dragons’. She made it so funny! She also was telling us about a book she wrote called ‘The Wordsmith’ which will be out in December. 

By Lydia in Ms. McGinty’s 3rd Class 

Sam Maguire Visits St. Marnock’s N.S. 2016

Today, was a very exciting day in St. Marnock’s N.S.. Sam Maguire came to visit the boys and girls and there was great excitement you can imagine. The children wore their blue colours to show their support.

Shane Carty, a past pupil of St. Marnock’s, was the Dublin player who came with the cup to show it off.

He was very kind to answer a few questions from the boys and girls and even paraded up and down the hall so they could get a close look at the famous cup.

The boys and girls showed their love of Dublin by belting out songs like ‘Molly Malone’.

Here are a few snaps!!!

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This is what the kids had to say!

It was so heavy. We sang songs called ‘Sam is coming Home’ and ‘Molly Malone’. The man who brought it in was called Shane Carty. Almost everyone had their Dublin jerseys on and the teachers had as well! It was a very good day. Everybody had lots of fun!

by Lydia in Ms. McGinty’s 3rd Class 

The Sam Maguire is  a famous cup/trophy that belongs to the GAA.  Yearly, the Sam Maguire comes to several schools of the winning county! Fortunately, the Sam Maguire came to St. Marnock’s!

by Sam in Ms. McGinty’s 3rd Class

Junior Infants love the Garda band!

The Garda band came to the school last week and performed a concert in the yard, We had a super time and loved listening to the music. Here are some pictures of us singing and dancing.

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Garda Band Visits St. Marnock’s N.S. June 2016

The day the Gardaí came was absolutely brilliant! The sun was shining so bright, it could blind you! The Gardaí could play anything. They had instruments from tiny flutes to massive tubas. I had never experienced any day hotter or more fun!

Sam from Mr. Corkery’s 4th Class

Yesterday, the 1st of June a Garda Band came to our school. They were very good on their instruments. They played the Mission Impossible, Let it Go, Pink Panther and The Simpsons theme tune and so much  more. The conductor was very funny. He got two people, one from Junior Infants and one from 6th class. They were both told to conduct a piece each. Over all it was BRILLIANT!

Gregory from Ms. Hall’s 1st Class

A Garda Band came to our school. They were very good. They played some songs wih a tuba, a tin whistle a flute a trumpet and the drums. They payed Star Wars, The Simpsons, Jurassic Park, Pink Panther, Frozen, Mission Impossible and some Irish music. They got the teachers to do a head shoulders knees and toes dance. 

Naomi from Ms. Hall’s 1st Class

Yesterday, the school went to see a Garda Band. The songs they played were from The Simpsons, Pink Panther, Star Wars, Mission Impossible and Frozen.  The instruments they had were the flute, the tin whistle, the trumpet and the tuba. Pat was one of the Gards. His daughter performs Irish dancing so he decided he would play one of the songs his daughter dances to. He was very good. The conductor was very funny.  The teachers danced to head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Ava from Ms. Hall’s 1st Class

The Garda Band came to our school on the 1st of June. The biggest instrument they had was the tuba.  The songs they played were: Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Jurassica Park and Frozen. The conductor was really good. My favourite song was Mission Impossible. Everyone in the school was there except our headmaster Mr. Fitzgerald. It was outside. It was great fun!

James from Ms. Hall’s 1st Class

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