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4th Class School Tour

On Wednesday the 7th of June Ms Kennedy’s and Ms McElhone’s 4th class went out their school tour to Zip It in Tibradden Wood. When we arrived everyone queued up to get a special harness put on. 
Next, the instructors divided us into three groups. Each group went to an initiation circuit. The instructor showed us how to use the different parts of the harness and how to get around the course safely. There was a lot of information to take it but it all made more sense once we got going ourselves. 
Once we had all completed the practice course safely we were free to move on to more challenging obstacle courses. We were allowed to go on the green, orange and white levels. All of the circuits start with a ladder leading to a platform. The courses included zip wires, rope bridges, cargo nets, climbing walls, swinging logs and much more.  Everyone really enjoyed their day in the woods!​

3rd Class Go To Skerries Community Centre On Their Tour

On Wednesday we all had partners. We went on a bus. It took 30 minutes  to Skerries Community Centre. We played football. We went to a mill. Then some people did an obstacle course. Then we had lunch. Yum yum! It was so much fun. It only felt like 7 minutes. There were 4 bouncy castles. We played tag on the bouncy castles.  It was really funny.  It was like the best school tour ever.  Oh yes I forgot to tell you about the bus. It was a first class. There was carpet on the floor. If you wanted to sleep you could close the curtains. The bus driver was really nice and we called him Coffee. It was really funny. It was so loud on the bus. Then we got to school. Sadly the school tour was over. The second we got into school, the bell rang. Ding dong ding dong ding dong. We ran to the door to go home. It all went good.

by Oisín N. in Ms. McGinty’s Class

Mr. Maughan’s and Ms. McGinty’s third class tour!

For our tour this year we went into Dublin city. First we did the Viking Splash tour and then we did the Croke park tour. We got lovely weather and it was a great day. Here’s what some of the children said about it:

Shauna: “I had so much fun on the school tour. I preferred the Viking Splash but I also like the Croke park tour. I was scared to go on the water in the Viking Splash but then I started to like it. In Croke Park I got to sit in the VIP seats! They had cushions on them!”

Hannah Sherlock: “We learned about the Vikings and Celts on the Viking splash tour. They hated each other when the Vikings came first but then they started to become friends. We saw some modern art outside the Bord Gais theatre. They were red poles and it took three years to make them!”

Jake: “On the Viking splash tour, everytime we saw a group of people we would scream RAAAAAR!”

Sarah: “Our tour guide on the Viking Splash was called Kevin. He was very funny. He showed us where Jedward lived, a boat made out of concrete and U2’s recording studio. We saw Bono’s wall which is the only wall you’re allowed to do graffiti on. He told us that Dublin got it’s name from the Irish words Dubh Linn which means black pool.”

Jurijs: “We learned that the oldest street in Dublin is called New Street! In Croke park we saw where the Taoiseach sits!”

Cara: “The Viking Splash tour was on vehicles called a dukw (pronounced duck). Our one was called Freya. It is seventy four years old and was used in WW 2. In Croke park we learned that 70 glass sliotars and 32 glass footballs made up a chandelier in the player’s lounge. It is made of Waterford crystal glass.”

Andriy: “We learned that two Cork women won 16 All Irelands each. All the dressing rooms are the same size in Croke park to give equal respect to both teams. Croke Park is 169 years old. Dublin have won 25 All Irelands.”

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2nd Class School Tour 2016

Ms. Cantwell and Mr. Martin Carroll’s classes went to New Grange farm on their school tour at the end of May. They had a fabulous time. Here’s what some of the children had to say:

‘We got to pet rabbits and kittens. After that we fed ducks and some white birds. We went on the back of a tractor. When we got on, the driver started the engine. On our way around the farm we saw a bear and Larry the leprechaun. Then we went to this water place and got to race plastic ducks in the water. After that we went to a sand pit- it was huge! I really liked new grange farm. My favouirte thing was this big black tunnel that we rolled around in.’- Ciaran from Ms. Cantwell’s 2nd class
‘My partners on my school tour were Aaron Flanagan and Ciaran Mawe. I was really happy about that. My favourite animal was the goat. The weather was so good, about 21 degrees and no rain! We got to go on a trailer pulled by the tractor. It went backwards down a hill. It was so fun!’ – Leo from Mrs. Cantwell’s 2nd class
‘We went to New Grange Farm on our school tour. We got to feed ducks and me and my friend named one Duckles. We rode a tractor and we saw a bear, Goldie Locks’ house, a leprechaun house and a fairy hill. When we were on the way to the farm we saw the New Grange monument.Teacher told us all about it.  
At the farm me and Ben saw a turkey with a sloppy chin. I think that could have been my favourite thing. I also loved the tractor.’ -Zack from Mrs. Cantwell’s 2nd class
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1st Class School Tour 2016

For our school tour, we went to Tayto Park. We saw how to make crisps. Then we got to pick a roller coaster. We saw a tiger, owls, foxes and a weasel. Some of us went on the ferris whell. I had a lot of fun and at the end when we got back all of us got a packet of crisps.

Naomi from Ms. Hall’s first class

I went to Tayto Park on my school tour. In Tayto park, I saw two tigers, goats, a playground, the snow owls, the sweet shop, a water park, 4 trampolines, the biggest roller coaster in Europe and a ferris wheel. I heard people chatting, screaming, laughing, talking, cheering adn people saying wow look over there that’s amazing! People were amazed by the enormous roller coaster.

Aimée from Ms. Hall’s first class

On Tuesday the 14th of June we went on our school tour to Tayto Park. It took a long time to get there but it was worth the journey. First we went to the animal farm, where we saw a tiger, a racoon, meerkats, sheep and many other animals! After that we went to the factory. It was awesome! On the factory floor we saw how the crisps are made. Through windows we saw lots of machines. Then we walked through vortex tunnels, their illusion made you feel like you were turning upside down! They made us feel dizzy. We took a short lunch break before going to the amusement park. We each got a token that allowed us to go on one ride. Next, we all went on the train around Tayto Park together. From the train you could see all the rides in the kids area. Then we went to the gift shop before heading on the bus back to school! It was a brilliant school tour and we would love to go back again!

By Ronan, Jacob and Senan from Ms. Doherty’s first class

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