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Christmas Concert 2013

Our Christmas Concerts were a great success this year. It really put us in the festive spirit. Congratulations to all the wonderful performers!

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National Concert Hall Performance

Éist! Can You Hear Me?

In excess of one thousand Primary School pupils representing their school communities from the four provinces of Ireland performed a beautiful repertoire of songs in the National Concert Hall on Saturday 25th May, Sunday 26th May and Monday 27th May.

The Repertoire for 2013 ranged from Handel to the modern day composer Bob Chilcott and included traditional Irish songs, folk songs, songs from popular musicals and songs with a spiritual theme!  Audiences enjoyed a varied performance of choral arrangements from “Ceol a Mhála” to “The Heavenly Aeroplane”. Something for everyone! A choral extravaganza sung by approximately three hundred and sixty children each night followed in the footsteps of more than one hundred thousand children who have performed in the National Children’s Choir since its inception in 1985.

Mary Kennedy who enjoys an ever-evolving career in broadcasting both in television and radio presented the performances each evening.

Congratulations to H. Blakeman, C. Bolger, C. Bowers, A. Byrne, R. Flanagan, N. Gallagher Redmond, J. Heary, C. Joyce, R. Lenihan, C. McCarthy, O. McGarry, J. Morris, and K. Palionis who represented  St. Marnock’s School in the magnificent  National Children’s Choir gala performance in the National Concert Hall  on Sunday 26th May following a very successful performance in the National Basketball Arena on Thursday 26th April. This was a wonderful occasion which was greatly enjoyed and applauded by an appreciative audience. Sincere thanks to their teachers, Mr Maughan, Ms Murphy and Ms O’Sullivan who taught them the extensive repertoire.


National Children’s Choir News

St. Marnock’s School will host the 3rd and final school-based National Children’s Choir rehearsal on Thursday 18th April. We are pleased to welcome Scoil Neasáin, Artane, St. Paul’s SNS, Ayrfied and conductor Emer Nic Chonchradha to our school. We are very much looking forward to performing in the National Basketball Arena on Thursday 25th April at 8p.m.. Tickets costing €15.00 for adults and €5.00 for children may be purchased in the school.

St. Patrick’s Day School Concert

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations started early in St. Marnock’s School with two concerts involving pupils and teachers on Friday 15th March. Local accordion player, Pat Toft, opened both concerts with a rousing selection of foot-tapping, hand-clapping Irish airs. Pupils from the Bolton School of Irish Dancing dressed in their familiar colourful costumes regaled us with a selection of double jigs and hornpipes.   Pupils in all classes rendered songs and recited poems with gusto while teachers played a medley of familiar Irish music which greatly added to the occasion. Concerts were very well received by appreciative audiences. Congratulations to all the performers and thanks to the teaching staff and guest artists for generously sharing your talents.


St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Ag Ceiliúradh Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Dear Parents,

St. Marnock’s School will stage a St. Patrick’s Day concert in the school hall on Friday 15th March featuring pupils, teachers and invited guests. We are grateful to Pat Toft and the Bolton School of Irish Dancing for accepting our invitation to perform. Parents are welcome to attend. In order to accommodate everybody safely our concert will be divided into two parts. Ms Curtin’s, Ms McGinty’s, Ms McCabe’s, Ms Glynn’s, Ms Connor’s, Ms Kenealy’s,  Ms Phillips and  Ms McElhone’s classes will feature in the 1st part of our concert commencing at 9.30a.m. while Ms Bolger’s, Ms O’Sullivan’s, Ms Murphy’s, Mr Maughan’s, Ms Madden’s and Mr Scallan’s classes will  stage a separate performance starting at 11.15a.m..  Pupils are encouraged to dress in our national colours to mark the occasion.

Other Upcoming School Events

Pupils in our 6th classes who are making their confirmation on Friday 12th April will attend a Service of Light ceremony in the school hall on Wednesday 20th March at 8p.m. and travel to the Emmaus Retreat Centre, Swords, on Thursday 21st March during school hours for a day of reflection and spiritual renewal.

Children in Ms Murphy’s, Ms O’Sullivan’s and Mr Maughan’s classes will perform in a National Children’s Choir Dublin Regional concert in the National Basketball Arena on Thursday 25th April at 8p.m.. This will be a most enjoyable event which devotees of choral music will appreciate. Tickets costing €15.00 for adults and €5.00 for children are on sale in the school now and may be purchased by parents and children in all classes throughout the school.

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Well done to M. Morris, S. Whelan, E. O’Shea and J. Irwin on representing our school so well in the under 11  section of the Credit Union Quiz competition held in ALSAA on Saturday 2nd March and to O. Juchnevicius for his outstanding performance in the final of TV3’s Junior Mastermind competition.

Congratulations to the children who won medals in St. Marnock’s School Annual Swimming Gala held in the PSLC pool on Monday 4th March. Well done to all the competitors and thanks to the parents who organised the event so efficiently.

Good luck to all the boys and girls who are currently competing in football, hurling and camogie leagues.  Early results indicate that we stand a good chance of qualifying for Croke Park/Parnell Park appearances again next term.

St. Marnock’s School wishes to thank Mary Cummins who recently presented sets of Gaelic jerseys and Athletic singlets to our school on behalf of Baldoyle and Portmarnock Credit Union. We hope to put them to good use in future inter-schools competitions.


Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig,

Pat Keaveny,

Príomh Oide,

12 Márta 2013

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