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Christmas Artwork and Decorating Around the School

The P.A. were very busy with making the school look very festive in the run up to Christmas. They decorated the corridors and it really was a winter wonderland. The teachers were also very busy with the children decorating the hall for the Christmas concerts. I think you will agree the artwork was just fabulous. Mrs. Rogan painted the windows at the front of the school. They looked great and Ms. Thomas decorated the garden,  making it very festive. A big thank you to involved for all of their hard work. 


Barry’s Boats

 By Jade Kelly McCarthy

We had to make boats over the midterm and by WE I mean everyone but me!! But on the day we were testing them, I teamed up with two teachers Lorraine and Sue to make one. Chloe and Ava made their boat out of a box and Oisin  made his one out of lolly pop sticks but me … I just threw mine together with all the resources and time I had in the  room next door. I walked into the room to watch what happened. My teacher Mr. Corkery   tested them in a big tub that was so big he could bathe in it. When my friend Samuel put his boat in, that he had ALSO made out of lolly pop sticks, it was too light and had a few gaps that the water got through and it sank but when it did sink everyone screamed like drunk men in a bar watching the Ireland match.  

And now the time had come for me to test my boat. I made mine out of a water bottle, bottle caps, glue, and a few lolly pop sticks.

It went BRILLANTas it floated amazingly. It held more than just tea bags, it also held Mr.Scallan’s two litre water bottle!

I felt very proud.


And that’s how the Barry’s boats competition went and they are announcing the winner soon. Wish me luck!!!


Cross Country 2017

Cross Country was another success this year.  It brought together lots of schools from North Co. Dublin. We had a lot of winners! Have a look at them below!

U10, U11, U12 boys and girls winners!


Announcement Regarding School Closure

In line with earlier instructions from the Department of Education, St. Marnock’s will remain closed on Tuesday 17th October 2017.

Announcement Regarding School Closure

Due to the change of weather status to RED and following the instructions of the D.E.S., St. Marnock’s N.S. will remain closed on Monday, 16th of October 2017.






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