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Pancake Tuesday Came Early!

We decided to celebrate Pancake Tuesday today as we have our cake sale tomorrow. We were very excited as Ms. Kenealy had brought in a special pan to make the pancakes. There was lots of options for toppings. There was lemon, nutella, banana and sugar. It think it is fair to say everyone loved them! There was plenty of empty plates and full bellies. 

English Stations in Ms Curtin’s Class

Every day we do stations in Ms Curtin’s class. Sometimes we do English ones and sometimes they are maths stations. We love stations as we get to play games and it makes learning fun. We play Bingo to practice our phonics, we do creative writing, we play reading games and we have got really good at writing our news!

A Very Spiky Visitor!!!


There was a very spiky visitor to school last week!

Another visit to the beach!

Some boys and girls got another chance to visit the beach last Friday. It was another gorgeous morning-cold but sunny. This time we brought the buckets and spades with us as well as a small football. The children enjoyed themselves immensely and even collected some unusual sea shells. 

Mr. Grinch

The Grinch has made his way into Ms. Morans classroom and captured their class Elf Freddy!! The children will be busy writing letters to The Grinch asking him to free the Elf so he can make it back to the North Pole ontime for Christmas! Keep your fingers crossed!


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