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Congratulations Patrick!

Patrick, from Ms. Connor’s Senior Infants, was the winner of the Dublin region’s Junior Primary category for his poster under the theme ‘Water Conversation’.

Patrick attended the Green-Schools Irish Water award ceremony on Thursday, 4th May at 11am in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

 Patrick was presented with his prize (a Samsung Galaxy Tablet) and a framed copy of his poster during the ceremony.



Workshop on Energy

Our school was lucky enough to get a visit from Emlyn why works for An Taisce. Emlyn came into our school to talk about energy and how to save it.

We did many experiments and learnt about where energy goes after you use fossil fuels. It was a very interesting afternoon.

Sophie King

Green Schools’ committee member

img_5140 img_5141 img_5142 img_5143

Green Schools Flag

On Wednesday, the 25th May 2016, St. Marnock’s received their 5th Green Schools Flag for biodiversity. Ms. Mc Elhone, Ms. Thomas, Chloe Crilly and Adam Reid received the flag on behalf of the school. The presentation of the flag took place in the Helix, DCU.

It was very exciting. We were near the front of the stage so we saw everything. They nearly forgot us until Ms.Thomas ran up on stage and quickly said to the man that we were the last ones. We got our Green flag safe and sound so we drove back to St.Marnock’s N.S. I can say now that it was an exciting and special day for St. Marnock’s N.S. Green Schools can’t wait until next year!

Keep a look out for the flag flying outside the school!

Chloe Crilly

Green Schools Member

IMG_4444 IMG_4446 IMG_4447 IMG_4450 IMG_4451 IMG_4452

Biodiversity Workshop in Ms. McGinty’s 3rd Class

We were very lucky today to have Brenda from Green Schools come into our class and undertake a biodiversity workshop with us.

We were placed into six groups. Most of the workshop took place outside. We were taught how to measure the height of a tree using a metre stick, a right angled triangle and a lot of teamwork. 

We also carried out a scavenger trail, finding various things in nature. This was a lot of fun and everyone worked very hard. 

We also had time to take both rough and smooth bark rubbings. 

Brenda picked a tree outside to measure but didn’t tell us why.

When we came back to the classroom, we shared some of our results and findings.

Brenda told us that we could find out the age of the tree from the measurement we took. We divided the measurement by 2.5!!! The tree we picked was 48.8 years old. 

Have a look at what we got up to!

IMG_8128 IMG_8131  IMG_8139IMG_8142IMG_8146IMG_8152IMG_8153IMG_8155

Green School’s Expo

Last Thursday, the Green Schools Team headed to the RDS to see the Green School’s Expo. We got to see the President, he spoke about the importance of getting pupils to be eco-friendly as they will be the adults of the future. We saw Dale, who visited the school before to talk about hedgehogs. He told us some more about hedgehogs and also about garden birds. Then we visited all of the displays that other schools had created. They presented their green school ideas that they have put in place in their own schools. We got some great ideas that we could implement in our own schools.

Ms Curtin, Ms Thomas and Ms McElhone would like to compliment all of the Green Schools Team on their wonderful behaviour and excellent manners during the trip.

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