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Barnardos Appeal 6th Class!

Last week, our 6th Class children took charge of organising a charity collection for Barnardos. We received a huge amount of donations from the families in St. Marnock’s NS who contributed presents, toiletries and much more for the charity. At the end of the week, 4 children from 6th Class along with Cabena from the Parent’s Association, Mr. Corkery and Ms. Phillips took a trip to Barnardos to hand over our school’s wonderful contribution.


Emma, 6th Class:

“Last Friday, Ms. Phillips, Mr. Corkery, 3 others and I went to Barnardos to give all the presents that the boys and girls brought in. We met 5 very friendly women who gave us a tour of the building. They had offices upstairs, a playroom downstairs as well as a kitchen where we all sat and talked. We then helped the women to bring in all the presents from the cars outside. We put all the gifts into their offices and by the end we couldn’t even walk inside because the presents covered the whole floor! After that, we talked about all the great work they do to help the families around Dublin, and how they will use our donations.”


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Ms Curtin’s Class Perform in the Christmas Concert

Last Wednesday we took to the stage to perform in our first Christmas Concert, We got a great response from the audience with cheers and giggles throughout. Well done to all of the performers, here’s to many more performances to come!

Christmas Concerts 2016

The boys and girls from St. Marnock’s N.S. had been preparing for weeks for this years shows. A lot of hard work had been put in by both the children and the teachers and this could be seen clearly by each classes performance. Items varied from songs to poems and from plays to nativities. The children enjoyed taking part and it reminded us how talented and gifted each class are as we watched each performance. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the children and teachers St. Marnock’s N.S. !

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The Garden Gets A Christmas Touch!

Ms. Thomas has been busy decorating in the garden for Christmas along with some help from the children in her class. Like Hallowe’en the garden has been transformed to celebrate the occasion ahead of us. Here’s hoping Santa will like our school garden as he flies over Portmarnock early Christmas morning!

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Christmas Art in the Hall!

In preparation for our Christmas concerts this year, every class has been making Christmas artwork to decorate our hall with.  I think you will agree the hall looks fantastic! It is full of the Christmas colours of green, red and gold. There is such a variety of artwork to be seen and should not be missed. Make sure and have a look around if you come to one of our Christmas concerts this week!

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