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Day 5: Active School Week 2017

Day 5 was the busiest of all days! Wake Up Shake Up dance was recorded and we should have it up on the website in the next few days.

Senior infants and 1st class enjoyed yoga in the hall while junior infants and 2nd class took part in the penalty shoot out with Mr. Ahern.

3rd to 6th class walked a mile with a smile. Two separate walks were arranged. We all enjoyed the walk and it was a chance for us all to have a chat with our friends as we walked leisurely to the beach. 

After lunch 3rd to 6th class took part in a penalty shoot out. Corey from 6th class was the goalkeeper and a boy named Leo from Mr. Maughan’s 3rd class won!

Overall Active School Week was a huge success and we would like to thank all the boys and girls for getting involved and having fun! Remember keep active!



Day 4: Active Schools Week 2017

Today was no different to any other day this week! It was jammed packed with activities! In the morning we did our Wake Up Shake Up dance. Everyone has improved so much since Day 1 and the parents and teachers are getting better too!!!!

Once school started, junior infants and 2nd class had yoga in the hall with Ciarán. It was so cool and Ciarán spoke in Irish so the boys and girls learned lots of new words. 

Senior infants and 1st class had their penalty shoot out with Mr. Ahern. Every time he let a goal in he had to put something funny on him!

3rd and 4th class went out the back to play ‘Capture the Flag’. What a fast game! We were wrecked at the end of it! 5th class went head to head in tug-o-war. Have a look at the video below, it’s brilliant!

Overall, Day 4 was quite enjoyable!


Day 3: Active School Week 2017

Day 3 did not disappoint for Active School Week. We kicked it off this morning with Wake Up Shake Up. Everyone did such a good job and we could tell you had been practicing very hard in your classrooms!

Junior infants to 2nd class got a chance to play musical bumps in the P.E. hall which was like a mini disco. It looked like so much fun for a Wednesday!!!!

3rd to 6th were involved in a teachers v. students basketball match. There were three matches. It was so exciting to watch as both the teachers and the students really wanted to win!!! The students really gave the teachers a run for their money but in the end the teachers won!!! We will have to wait until next year for a re match!

Here, have a look at some of the pictures and videos of today!

Day 2: Active School Week 2017

Day 2 of Active School Week was jammed packed full of fun! This morning we had our Wake Up Shake Up dance out in the lines. All the boys and girls tried their very best and we are so proud of them!

As part of day 2, the Active School Commitee had organised an obstacle course for  every class.

It included tunnels, hurdle jumping and army crawls for the juniors and a water race for the seniors as well as archery, twister and golfing!

We have to say it went down a treat! 



Day 1: Active School Week 2017

Today was day 1 of Active School Week. We had lots of activities planned. For junior infants to 2nd class we had fun stations on the grass at the back of the school.  We had welly throwing, limbo, wheelbarrow races and sack races. Some classes got caught in the rain but it cleared up just in time for everyone to have a go!

For 3rd to 6th class, a skipping course was organised in the P.E. hall. A man called John showed each class a different type of skip. At the end of the day we had a assembly to showcase all what we had learned. Who knew there were so many different ways to skip? It was amazing!


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