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Rico Visits St. Marnock’s

Yesterday, Rico the therapy dog came to visit the school. He visited some classes and the children got a chance to pet him.

Some children were very lucky and got to feed him as well as brush him.

Rico was very happy leaving St.  Marnock’s.

We hope he visits again very soon!

5th Class Visit Citi Bank

5th class went to Citi Bank and had a great time. We went on a bus to town. We did a lemon stand as our idea. We got a bunch of leaflets and we wrote on them.  We stuck them on the board. After that we had lunch. It was so nice. Then we got back to work. Both 5th classes went to their corners and got a board each. Then we got lunch again. That was even nicer. Then we went back to work and got into groups of fives. We did loads of work and then got a certificate. We went back to school. 

by Kyle in Ms. Phillips’ 5th Class 

On the 08.02.18 we went to Citi Bank. When we were there, we learned how to be an entrepreneur. We are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (J.E.P.) this year.

We learned how to do all of this with the example of a Lemonade Stand. We learned this in a room called the ‘Fish Bowl’.

We were split into 2 classes- Ms. Phillips’ class and Ms. Monahan’s class. Each class had their on individual ideas.

RTE’s News2day came as well. 6 people (3 from each class) were interviewed by the presenter Tommy.

The six were Jake , Tom. Ava, Matthew, Sadbh and Cara.

We were to pose like the dragons from the TV shoow ‘Dragon’s Den’

It was great fun. After lunch, we were all split into our groups: Product/design, sales, finance, and marketing.

We learned a bit of what we should do and what our responsibilities were from actual marketing, finance, product/design and sales people. After all of the learning and fun we came back to school with just enough  time to pack our bags. 

by Cara in Ms. Monahan’s class









































Cake Sale February 2018

The Parents Association would like to thank everyone who donated money and cakes today for our school cake sale in aid of Crosscare.

A sum total of €1, 115.80 was raised. 

A big thank you to everyone again!


Pancake Tuesday Came Early!

We decided to celebrate Pancake Tuesday today as we have our cake sale tomorrow. We were very excited as Ms. Kenealy had brought in a special pan to make the pancakes. There was lots of options for toppings. There was lemon, nutella, banana and sugar. It think it is fair to say everyone loved them! There was plenty of empty plates and full bellies. 

English Stations in Ms Curtin’s Class

Every day we do stations in Ms Curtin’s class. Sometimes we do English ones and sometimes they are maths stations. We love stations as we get to play games and it makes learning fun. We play Bingo to practice our phonics, we do creative writing, we play reading games and we have got really good at writing our news!

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