Our 5th Classes went on their school tour to Causey Farm on 6th June and they had a wonderful day!

“We went to Causey Farm in Meath for our school tour. It took us forty five minutes to get there on a bus. When we arrived, we had a small bit of lunch. Then we went to the farm. There were two collie’s some chickens, ducks, three donkeys and a goat. You could feed the goat. He wouldn’t eat grass but he loved the leaves of a particular tree. Then we went on the back of a trailer with haystacks to sit on. Two minutes later we arrived at the bog. There was a cliff about a metre and a half high that you could jump into the bog from. There was also monkey bars over the bog. We were in there for about an hour. It was very hard to pull yourself out. We got the trailer back to the farm. Everyone was very muddy. After we got changed, we ate the rest of our lunch and got on the bus back home.”

By Ciara, 5th Class