Mr. Maughan’s class had a fantastic opportunity to visit the “Fighting Words” writing workshop near Croke Park on Wednesday 2nd May. We have been practicing writing stories already this year so this was a great opportunity to show what we know. The children collaboratively wrote the start of the story with the scribe, Shane. You can read it here:

There was an illustrator there to draw the characters.

Then the children were split into groups of two or three to write their own endings to the stories. They could also draw more illustrations for their stories. Some children got to read out their stories for everyone. The stories won the seal of approval from the nasty editor, Mrs. McConkey and each child got a print out of their own story. 

Then we walked down to Fairview park to play in the playground and eat our lunch. Luckily, the sun shoe for us. After a great day out we got the Dart home from Clontarf.