Joanna Donnelly visited our school last week. She was extremely informative and taught us lots about weather. We learned that there is more to her job than we previously had thought. She explained that she, as a meteorologist,  is responsible for predicting what the weather is going to be like. She does this by using certain equipment which helps her to estimate rain precipitation and wind strength. It was very interesting and we would like to thank her for taking the time to visit our 6th and 4th classes. 

Last week, 6th class had the greatest pleasure of meeting a meteorologist, Joanna Donnelly. Most people know her as the weather lady on RTE but today we saw what really goes int finding out the weather everyday.

Did you ever wonder how the news finds out the weather? Well Mr. Corkery and Mr. Scallan’s classes found out how. Joanna explained how in October last year a small device called an anemometer calculated the wind speed and direction of the Orphelia storm. Joanna told us a lot about her job adn how they calculate the wind, rain and if you’re going to wear shorts tomorrow! She told us how she doesn’t just go in at 6.00pm and magically go on air without any practice. She goes into work at a normal time adn once she has done the news that’s her shift over.

Joanna was very inspiring and if you want to see her you will catch her on RTE weather!


by Chloe and Ava in Mr. Corkery’s class