On Wednesday the 7th of June Ms Kennedy’s and Ms McElhone’s 4th class went out their school tour to Zip It in Tibradden Wood. When we arrived everyone queued up to get a special harness put on. 
Next, the instructors divided us into three groups. Each group went to an initiation circuit. The instructor showed us how to use the different parts of the harness and how to get around the course safely. There was a lot of information to take it but it all made more sense once we got going ourselves. 
Once we had all completed the practice course safely we were free to move on to more challenging obstacle courses. We were allowed to go on the green, orange and white levels. All of the circuits start with a ladder leading to a platform. The courses included zip wires, rope bridges, cargo nets, climbing walls, swinging logs and much more.  Everyone really enjoyed their day in the woods!​