Today we learned about Parachutes and how they work. It was great fun learning about the science involved in parachutes. We watched some of the amazing achievements around the world involved in skydiving and parachuting. These included Felix Baumgardeners jump from the stratosphere and this year a man jumped with no shoot and landed on a net. That was scary to watch.

We then had to make and design our very own parachutes using plastic, string, tape, and a cup. The idea was that we were going to fly a parachute off the school building and land it safely on the ground. It turned out that all of the eggs had hit the ground. But some had only barely cracked. We did our best to ensure the eggs didn’t crack. To make it personal to our teams we named our eggs, Pablo EGG_scabar, John the egg, Bobby, Charlie and The Barron of Eggingham. Most survived with minor head injuries. HAHAHA.