Before Starting School

Encourage independence as much as possible.

Encourage your child to:

  • Put on / take off their own coat/shoes (Clothing with Velcro may be easier for children rather than buttons to manage)
  • Use the toilet by themselves (opening and closing school trousers)
  • Flush the toilet and wash their hands after using the bathroom
  • Use a hand towel for drying their hands
  • Become familiar with a hand sanitizer
  • Be able to blow their own nose
  • Share their toys and crayons/markers with others
  • Tidy up and put away toys /games

Before starting:

  • Talk to your child frequently about starting school during the summer. Make sure to talk about school in a positive way
  • Buy a bag which will fit an A4 folder for their homework
  • If you have chosen for the school to order the books, the teacher will have all the materials in their classroom on the first day of school. The teacher will label these books.


The First Day of School

  • Make sure and be on time for the first day of school
  • Make sure you bring your child up to greet the teacher
  • Once your child is happily playing with some toys, casually say goodbye and make your exit. A prolonged goodbye can make the child feel anxious


Other General Tips

  • Keep an eye out for notes in their bags, homework folders & DOJO (If the teacher is using it)
  • Ensure all items which belong to your child are labelled (schoolbag, lunchbox, pencil, jumper, tie)
  • Try to be on time for school as playtime develops your child’s social skills
  • Your child will bring home all uneaten food and any rubbish from their lunch
  • Remind your child to tell the teacher on the yard if there’s a problem
  • Safe play is encouraged – no wrestling, fighting etc – sanctions will be put in place if this occurs.