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4th Class Football Tournament

Last Friday, the 21st of May, some of the boys from the two 4th classes went to Howth to play a GAA tournament with Mr. Greene and Mr. Corkery.

There were two tournaments, the cup and the plate. Mr. Corkery divided us into two teams. We each played a group stage and made it to the quarter finals. In the end we got knocked out by Howth.

Then we watched the teams play for the plate. On the way home we got a bag of popcorn, a chocolate bar and a drink. It was a great day.

Also the Samaguire was there and we got picture with it!

Sam’s Lego Animation at the Ark

Yes, this is the beast of all LEGO animations. And sure, there are other people who made other flicks but “Acrobatics and the silly basher**” is ours for generations until someone weird says “rubbish” and deletes it from social media. But seriously, I’m not bragging. And the music, it’s so intense! It sounds like Tom Daily! So my movie is about people (mainly Batman) who does a fitness course with a slightly weird looking bed. I would tell you more BUT I don’t want to be a spoiler.

by Sam in Ms. McGinty’s 3rd Class who was one of seventeen who created this movie!

Sophie Becomes A Champion

I went to a féis .The féis was in Florida and I  came first in my award. That meant I became a champion so now I am in the last level of Irish dancing. I go to Carolan school of Irish dance. I also went to my class féis  and I also came first  in my championship .I was so happy. Thanks for reading!

Sophie in Ms. McGinty’s 3rd Class


Murial Outside Mr. Fitzgerald’s Office!

Not sure if you remember but the wall opposite Mr. Fitzgerald’s office was not much to look at! It looked like all the rest of the walls! We decided to put this wall to good use and give it a much needed face lift!

Before we put pencil to wall we brainstormed all of the popular book characters the children loved. Many boys and girls through out the school helped us with this process. Once we had decided what characters we wanted we began to draw and paint these on the wall. All the hard work was from Mrs. Rogan, Ms. Curtin and Mr. Corkery. A huge thanks needs to be given as a lot of hard work was put into the murial to make it a vibrant and eye catching piece of artwork which the children would enjoy. To finish off we placed three picture frames up of the last three years, picking out some key moments of each of those years!

We are very proud of the work and hope everyone else enjoys it as much as we do!


Artist on the Wall

After the success of the mural outside the office, we decided to pick some budding artists to add their own masterpieces to the wall on the library corridor. After some trial drawings on paper and a few discussions about colour options, the children got their chance to draw the picture on the wall. Some children said drawing on the wall was quite difficult but we reckon that it will make a wonderful addition to the corridor!

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