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Ms. Phillips 2nd and 3rd class South Africa project!!

Our South Africa Project

Our class completed a project all about our school and our lives in Ireland. It was delivered by hand to a very disadvantaged crèche in the township of Witsand,South Africa, by volunteers of the Niall Mellon Township Trust charity.

There are no schools in Witsand other than this crèche, which caters for children up to 7 years of age. All the other children in the community of Witsand must travel to the next town of Atlantis to go to school, which is very difficult as there are very few modes of transport.

The first language taught in these schools is either English or Afrikaans with Xhosa taught as a third language.

The children and teachers in the crèche were delighted to receive our project all the way fromIreland, and here are some of the pictures of the local children with our project!

Ms. Madden’s 6th class gets ready for Confirmation!

6th class are very busy preparing for their Confirmation. They have completed their Secondary School Assessment Tests and are very excited about receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. We are looking forward to celebrating ‘The Ceremony of Light’ this Thursday March 29th.

We have spent lots of time creating our photo profiles.

We had fun making up the captions to our photographs!
Busy, busy, busy!
No time for chatting!
It’s all systems go!
It’s time to glue!

The Final Products!

You can also see these on display in our school hall. We really have changed in so many ways!!!


Ms. Bolger’s 1st class measures and makes butter!

We are learning about length in 1st class. We are using rulers, lollipop sticks and our feet to measure the length of our classroom, the hallway, the computer room and the library. We discovered that the computer room is 65 feet, the library is 76 feet and the hallway is 107 feet.

We made sure to keep our feet close together when measuring!
We tried our best not to fall!

In 1st class, we made butter with Ms. Farell and Mr. Shorthall. We put some double cream into a container and shook it for several minutes. After a while we noticed that the liquid was turning into a solid. It was being churned into butter. We spread the butter onto bread and had a yummy feast.

Time to eat!

Ms Curtin’s Class made butter!

We had super fun in Ms Curtin’s class today. Would you believe it, we made butter!

We put cream into a jar and had to shake it. We took turns shaking it because our arms got tired.

We said the rhyme:

Come butter come

Come butter come

I’m standing at the gate

Waiting for a buttered cake!

After a while the cream started to separate into milk and butter.

We poured out the milk and left the butter in the fridge to cool.


We ate the butter on crackers – it was yummy!


‘The butter wasn’t as yellow as the butter at home’  – Alannah W.

‘The butter tasted lovely. I wanted more’ – Jack

On Tuesday we played parachute games for PE. It was such fun. Our favourite game was swapping places under the parachute. At the end we had to get under the parachute and hide. Ms Curtin said we looked like a giant mushroom!

We are watching lamb cam on the Causey Farm website. We saw a baby lamb that had just been born. It was very small and had a black face. There was an empty pen and we’re going to check back and see if a sheep has a lamb in there tomorrow. We love listening to the sounds of the farm in the background. There’s a very noisy rooster living on the farm.

The website is: http://www.causey.ie/lambcam/

Puppet Show

Julie-Rose McCormick entranced an appreciative audience of Junior and Senior Infant children when she visited St. Marnock’s School on Wednesday 21st March to stage a performance of Sinbad the Sailor and Red Riding Hood. She has an impressive CV in puppetry having developed an extensive repertoire which she performs to the delight of national and international audiences. Her versatility, voice production and character depiction created the impression that a troupe of performers were “pulling strings” back stage as she effortlessly changed scenes and developed the story lines. She also took time to show a variety of puppets which she had collected in her travels abroad and some which she designed and sculpted herself.

“I liked Sinbad sailing on the boat. His sail was very pretty”. Charlize (Junior Infants).

“I was worried about the wolf when he cut his paw in Red Riding Hood”. Jack (Junior Infants).

“I liked the puppet Little Red Riding Hood, she was very bold”. Alannah W. (Junior Infants).

“The Monkey was so naughty hanging onto the lady’s back”. Jeremy (Junior Infants).

“When I grow up I would like to be a puppet show presenter like the lady. She has trevelled around the world and it looks like fun. Shannon (Junior Infants).

“The monkey ate my finger at the end of the show. I couldn’t stop laughing”. Gabija (Junior Infants.

“The lady couldn’t see the monkey behind her back. It was very funny.” Ciara (Ms. McGinty’s Junior Infants)

“I liked when the lady showed us all of her puppets. There were lots of them.” Diarmuid (Ms. McGinty’s Junior Infants)

“The bird flew out of nowhere and scared poor Sinbad. He screamed and jumped. I laughed lots.” Jack (Ms. McGinty’s Junior Infants)

“My favourite puppet was the princess. She looked so pretty sailing in the boat.” Ava (Ms. McGinty’s Junior Infants)

The funniest part was when Little Red Riding Hood drank all the milk and she left the rubbish on the road. Diarmuid(Senior Infants).

 It was funny because little red riding hood left bottles on the road and cut his finger.  Dylan (Senior Infants).

 It was really really good when the wolf scared the granny up the tree.  Sean (Senior Infants). 

There were two stories.  I liked the one where the boy sailed the seven seas.  Cian (Senior Infants). 

It was really good and it was very funny.  Aine (Senior Infants).

It was really funny.  My favourite part was when they went on the boat.  Millie (Senior Infants).

I liked the bird the most.  Oisin (Senior Infants). 

I liked when little Red Riding Hood fought the wolf.  Ava (Senior Infants).

I enjoyed when you had to shout “I love you” to get rid of the witch.  Eimear (1st Class).

The best bit was when Sinbad made a fire and a fish popped up.  Rachel (1st Class).

I liked when the lady showed the different puppets she made.  Kyle (1st Class).

I loved when the monkey jumped on the stage.  Sam (1st Class). 

I liked when Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf.  Chloe (Senior Infants).

My favourite part was when the wolf caught his paw in the can.  Jade (Senior Infants).

I liked Little Red Riding Hood the best out of the two of them because it was really good.  I was happy with the ending.  Eloise (1st Class).






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