February has been a busy month in Junior Infants! We have got really good at writing our own news in our copies! We are using our Jolly Phonics sounds to make new words!

Water week was great fun. We tested materials to see who would win in the ‘Mopping Up Olympics’ We pretended we were scientists and estimated that the sponge and the towel would be the best absorber and we were right!  The trip to the water week display was very interesting and the Green Schools Committee taught us lots of interesting facts. The coast guard came in and we loved watching the DVD on ‘Dopey Denzel’.  We got a turn on the boats and in the cars. The sound of the siren was very loud. The coast guard made Ms Curtin dress up in their outfits – it was very funny!

We were very lucky to get new counting bears from Mr Keaveny. They are helping us with our addition. We love to play games to practice our maths.

The weather was so good that we went outside to look at the street in Portmarnock to see people at work. We saw a lot of busy people. The bin men blew their horn when they saw us!! We came back in and sketched what we saw.