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Green School News


Last month we said goodbye to the members of our old committee who worked enthusiastically on the theme of Energy, resulting in our second green flag.  Our new committee is now up and running, working on the theme of water conservation in school and at home.  The pupil members of the committee for 2010-11 are:  A. Byrne, C. Daly McGrath, O. Curtis Davis, A. Fidgeon, M. Moore, J. Whelan, M. Kelly, J. Casey, J. Burke and C. Ryan.  They are currently in ‘think-tank’ mode and intend visiting all classes in the near future to highlight what a precious resource water is and how we can all help to conserve itat school and in our homes. We wish them well in their efforts.

North Dublin Primary Schools Cross Country Competition


This year’s event was brought forward by one month to avail of better weather and longer evenings.  Our athletes trained conscientiously in the school field since returning to school in September, gradually extending the distance and stepping up the tempo so as to build up the stamina  necessary  for  under  10’s  and  11’s  to run  600  metres  and  for  the  more experienced  12’s and 13’s  to be able to take on the challenge of running 900m. Some races had over 100 competitors. Conditions were ideal resulting in all eight races being run off without a hitch inside the expected time. Team medals and plaques were presented after the last event. St. Marnock’s boys and girls competed in seven of the eight races and in-keeping with tradition we performed very well.  None of the eight competing  schools went home empty-handed which was good to see. A big thank you to the teachers and caretakers from St. Marnock’s and St. Helen’s Schools who set up the track and organised all aspects of the event. Thanks to the parents who turned out to support us and to St. Marnock’s Parents’ Association for serving drinks to tired athletes at the finishing post. Congratulations to all those who won individual plaques and team medals and well done to everybody who took part and gave it their best shot. We look forward to competing later on in the school year in St. Marnock’s Annual School Sports and in the Santry Stadium Primary School Sports.

Cross country is  about running long races and every Friday 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th trained  in the school field at the back of the school. Running is fun.   The day before the competition I get  nervous. It’s great to take part even if you don’t win. N. McLernon – 4th  class

Cross Country was a fun experience.  I was in the U11’s so we had to wait a little while for our race.  We watched the other races before ours.  We wanted to see the other runners at the end so we ran to where the end was.  Then we realised we had to line up for our race so we ran back.  The running was such a rush.  I had fun. A. Crean Lynch – 5th class

Running in Cross Country is a  good experience.  The training is really excellent for keeping fit.  It helps a lot when training for football and all sports.  If you take part in it you might even win a medal or a plaque and it doesn’t matter where you come! At least you took part.  We had a ceremony in school afterwards when Mr. Keaveny congratulated everyone who took part and presented  winners and runners-up with medals and plaques. J. Roche – 5th class

It was the day of cross country.  I had been training really hard for this.  The competition  was held in Woodlands.  We got away with the weather, it’s usually  bad on the day.  First up was the U10 boys, next was the U10 girls.  Finally it was my turn.  Before I knew we were off and running.  I had to do well but half way though I fell and got a stitch.  After all that I came 6th.  Two days after the event  I was presented with a  gold medal in front of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes. A. Donnelly – 5th class

I thought Cross Country was good.  It was tough but I think anyone could do it if they wanted to.  I would encourage anyone who thinks they could do it to try it out.  This year I did the longer course.  It was good that it was dry.  I came 15th and won a team medal.  I was only one place away from a plaque.  I thank all the teachers as well.  Next year will be my last year taking part. I have done it every year I could.  It’s really fun so people that haven’t ever done it they should  try it! C. Lawson Gallagher  – 5th class

I was on the A team and had a competitive race.  My friend Adam came two places behind me.  I had great fun and got a silver medal because I was on the A team with my school.  After the race I felt good about the place I finished in.  At the start I got stuck in the crowd ahead of me.  Near the end I nearly fell into a hole in the ground.  Z. McCartney – 4th class

On Monday 18th October our school took part in Cross Country.  It was held in Woodlands.  First up was the boys U10.  Then there was my race which was the U10 girls.  The boys U11’s ran after them.  Then the U11 girls, the U12 boys ran.  Then  the U13 boys, up after them was the U13 girls.  The school won a lot of trophies and medals. I was on the B team.  When we finished the race we were given water.  I was very tired after the race.  I can’t wait for next year. A. Crean Lynch – 3rd class

This year at Cross Country everything was perfectly set up.  The U10’s had the smaller race and the U12’s and 13’s had the longer course.  I got very nervous before the race but then did very well finishing 4th in the race but 1st in the smaller schools and getting the highest finish in my school.  I think it would be great if more people turn up next year and also well done to everyone who raced.  Good luck next year if you run again or take part for the first time. D. Daly – 4th class

It was the day of Cross Country.  Cross Country took place in Woodlands on the 18th of October.  Our school have been practicing for a while.  St. Marnock’s done really well in their races.  I came 17th out of the whole race.  It was really tiring. I have as much as 100 people in my race.   I was racing in U11’s and  I  was on the A team.  The race was very tough.  A lot of people fell but I managed to stay up. M. O’Connor  – 5th class 

I really liked Cross Country racing  very much.  It was my first time and I came 30th place.  I was on the U10 A team and they did very good.  I got a silver medal.  I came 3rd on my team.  I had lots of fun.  The people on my team who got plaques are Maria and Florence and everyone on my team was happy.  When I got my medal I was very happy. C. Ciocan – 3rd class   

Cross Country was the most amazing experience of my life.  It was special to me because I took part in it.  It doesn’t matter if you won a medal or not it just matters if you took part and tried your best and had fun.  There’s always next year to try cross country and do your best again.  Our school did very well this year in cross country and let’s hope that we do better next year.  To all the people that took part in the North Dublin Primary Schools  Cross Country, give yourself a big clap for taking part and those of you that haven’t taken part try it next year and see if you like it and if you do like it don’t be upset if you don’t win a medal in the race.  Just try your best next year.  When I was doing the cross country race I came 9th and in small schools I came 3rd.  I won a plaque and a medal.  I was very proud of myself.  In the small schools from my class came 1st.  I came 3rd and we were both in the A-team and we all got silver medals for girls U10’s.  The girls U11  all won a gold medals.  I wish good luck to St. Marnock’s next year. Florence – 4th class

Hi, my name is Maria and I did cross country 2010.  I trained in the back field of the school with two of my class mates and some of the other class.  We started with 2 laps and then went into 3, then it got harder.  Then on the day of cross country I figured out my team.  I was on the A team.  I went up to cross country at the right time.  I felt so nervous.  After running up the hill I was very tired.  I just kept on going and running down the hill was easier.  I came 1st out of the small schools.  My team came 2nd place.  W got silver medals. Maria – 4th class.

On Monday the 18th October 2010 we had a race on Woodlands Green and loads of schools were there like St. Helen’s, Holy Family and St. Fiachra’s.  The U10’s went first and Maria came 1st out of small schools and 7th out of the whole race.  She got a plaque and a silver medal.  Then the U11’s went next which I was in and I came 29th.  Anyway Sarah came 1st out of the small schools and 3rd out of the whole race.  A guy called Ben got hit in the neck during the race and he got sick in the middle of the green.  Another guy called Steven got pushed into a flag during the race and he has a lot of scars on his belly.  My teacher was at the finish line and he told everyone where they came.  I got a gold medal.  Mr. Keaveny, my principal, was there and he had a blow horn and he said “go” for the race to start.  I had a great time and I really enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed that I only came 29th in the race but I was very tired after it and I fell asleep on the couch when I got home. Tara -4th class

Cross Country was great.  It was lots of hard work and fun.  I came 27th in the race.  My friends Dylan, Evan, Albert and Branson did it too.  It was fun having my friends do it too.  We all had lots of fun.  I think it was a great experience and I am definitely going to do it next year.  Darren, Aaron  and Conor  were the best on our U11 Cross Country team.  Darren  came 4th so he did the best on our team.  Our A team all got gold medals.  Last year I came 20th so I did better last year.  The race was held in Woodlands on Monday 18th October.  Some girls in my class got plaques – Maria and Florence.  Darren also got a plaque.  The race was really hard.  There wewre loads of people in the race.  There was about 80 children in my race. Sam –  4th class

I arrived at cross country on the 18th October at 3p.m.  When I got there I was so nervous.  It looked like there were hundreds of people there.  When the race started I was so excited.  When Mr. Keaveny blew the whistle everyone ran.  Some people even pushed others but I just carried on and ignored them.  When we were finished I was exhausted but happy.  When the girl told me I was 11th I was so happy.  I couldn’t feel my legs move.  Maria  came 1st in the small schools section and Florence came 3rd in the small schools U10’s.  Sarah  came 2nd in U11’s.  Sarah and Maria won a plaque and so did Florence.  It was so much fun!!! Caitlin – 4th class

St. Marnock’s School – Individual Winners – Boys

Under 11 1st place – D. Daly

Under 11 3rd place – C. Ryan

Under 12 3rd place – D. O’Boyle

Under 13 1st place  – D. Whelan

Under 13 2nd place – D. Dunne

St. Marnock’s School – Individual Winners – Girls

Under 10 3rd place – F. Okojie

Under 101st place – M. Kelly

Under 113rd place – S. Eccles

Under 133rd place – A. Mooney

Under 131st place – C. Henshaw

St. Marnock’s School – Team Awards – Boys

Under 10 –2nd place B. Savage, A. Doyle, F. Redford/McGovern, Z. McCartney, S. James, O. Jucnevicius, A. Hughes and D. Keane

Under 11 – 1st place D. Daly, C. Ryan, A. Melnik, A. Donnelly, S. Mooney, J. Whelan

Under 12 –2nd place D. O’Boyle, P. Eccles, C. Lawson/Gallagher, C. McCudden, B. Joyce, K. Murphy

Under 13 –1st place – D. Whelan, D. Dunne, C. Daly/McGrath, A. Cucos, K. Jugoo, J. Lenihan

St. Marnock’s School – Team Awards – Girls

Under 10 –2nd place – M. Kelly, F. Okojie, J. Burke, E. Kenny, C. Ciocan, E. Daly, E. Chalkley

Under 11 –1st place S. Eccles, C. McGowan, M. O’Connor, E. Kelly, T. Daly, C. Dempsey

Under 13 – 1st place – C. Henshaw, A. Mooney, S. O’Brien, L. Fitzpatrick, A. Keyes, A. Dalton

Sea of Blue Greets Local Stars

Pupils and staff were pleased to welcome local ladies, Cliodhna O’Connor and Karen Kennedy, to St. Marnock’s School on Thursday morning 14th October to show our appreciation of their historic victory and to get a close-up view of the Cup which they won for Dublin in the All-Ireland Ladies Football Final. Karen is a past pupil of St. Marnock’s School while Cliodhna received her primary education in St. Helen’s Schools.  Excitement mounted in the days leading up to their visit with flags and banners prominently displayed on school windows. As school opening time approached on Thursday morning it was evident that the children had not forgotten that this was a special day. Pupils attired in Dublin jerseys and sporting Dublin flags transformed the assembly lines into a sea of blue. Having cheerfully abandoned lessons they headed excitedly to the school hall to await the arrival of our home-grown sports stars. Our boys’ and girls’ football panels formed a guard of honour on the corridor eagerly awaiting a sign that our guests had arrived. Right on schedule at 9.15a.m. Cliodhna and Karen made their grand entrance holding the impressive cup aloft. The corridor erupted with cheers and applause. They were greeted by the Principal and team managers and escorted to the hall to be feted by their admiring fans. The Principal congratulated them on their wonderful achievement which was a source of great pride and joy in the school and in the wider community. He thanked them for taking the time to bring the Cup to the school and commended them on their exemplary commitment and perseverance which resulted in their success in the All-Ireland Final on 26th September. In addressing the children both Cliodhna and Karen thanked everybody for their great welcome and support. They recalled how they started their football careers playing on school teams and on under age teams with Naomh Mearnóg GAA Club where they still play. They stressed the importance of keeping fit and encouraged pupils to play football, hurling and camogie. They expressed the hope that some of their audience would follow in their footsteps. Having signed autographs for distribution to the children and posed for photographs it was time for them to resume their busy school-visiting schedule but not before we lifted the roof with a rousing rendition of “Molly Malone”. Well done ladies! We are all proud of your sporting achievement and we wish you continued success in the years ahead.

Parents Association AGM

Dear Parents,                                                                                            

As you are probably aware, all parents of children at St.Marnock’s National School are members of the Parents’ Association – that’s over 600! Listed below are some of the activities we organised in the last academic year.  In order to share the work-load, we need parents to become involved as committee members or as helpers for events throughout the year and as there are four members retiring this month, we are looking for new parents to help out on the committee.  It will be impossible for the Parents’ Association to continue unless new members join so if you want to see these activities and more occur this academic year, please get involved.  It can be as little as an hour or two every month – any offer of help is always greatly appreciated.

Sept – Dec 2009

  1. Insurance Scheme
  2. National Parents Council affiliation
  3. Swimming Lessons
  4. Cross Country Event
  5. Book Fair
  6. Christmas Carols & Mulled Wine event
  7. Christmas Trees and lights
  8. Vincent de Paul Selection Box appeal
  9. Sports Co-Ordinator
  10. Science Trip to DCU
  11. Class Quiz
  12. Credit Union Quiz
  13. Astronomy Ireland Day

Jan – June 2010

  1. Swimming Gala
  2. Swimming Lessons
  3. Haiti Cake Sale
  4. Sand Sculpture Event
  5. Anti Bullying Talk & Workshop
  6. Trocaire Box appeal
  7. Sports Day
  8. Substance Abuse Talk
  9. Refreshments for Confirmation, 1st Communion, Graduation Mass, Junior Infants parents night
  10. Car Park/Road Safety
  11. Second Hand book scheme
  12. Business Directory for Parents
  13. Biology Demonstration

Many thanks to everyone who supported these events throughout last year.  The current committee wish to invite you to attend their AGM on Tuesday 19th October 2010 @ 7.30pm in the school, commencing with a wine reception, followed by a white board demonstration by teachers of the  school.   The AGM to follow this at 8pm. . If you would like to be involved in the Parent’s Association or a helper this year, please fill in the form which was circulated to parents recently and return  it to the school by Monday 18th October.

St. Marnock’s Parents’ Association

11th October 2010





Lady Footballers Do Dublin Proud



As you know Dublin are this year’s All Ireland Ladies Football Champions. The pupils and teachers in St. Marnock’s School are happy to welcome members of the winning team to our school on Thursday 14th October to display the Brendan Martin Cup which they won for the first time having defeated Tyrone in the All-Ireland Ladies Football Final in Croke Park on 26th September.
We are especially proud of our local girls Cliodhna O’Connor and Karen Kennedy  who play their club football with Naomh Mearnóg GAA Club.
This is a wonderful achievement and a measure of the players’ commitment and perseverance. The victory was all the sweeter as the Dublin team overcame the disappointment of featuring in three previous All Ireland finals since 2004 without having any silverware to show for their efforts.
Pupils are encouraged to bring Dublin flags to school on Thursday and to wear Dublin colours in a show of support.
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