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Fifth class school tour

Our 5th Classes went on their school tour to Causey Farm on 6th June and they had a wonderful day!

“We went to Causey Farm in Meath for our school tour. It took us forty five minutes to get there on a bus. When we arrived, we had a small bit of lunch. Then we went to the farm. There were two collie’s some chickens, ducks, three donkeys and a goat. You could feed the goat. He wouldn’t eat grass but he loved the leaves of a particular tree. Then we went on the back of a trailer with haystacks to sit on. Two minutes later we arrived at the bog. There was a cliff about a metre and a half high that you could jump into the bog from. There was also monkey bars over the bog. We were in there for about an hour. It was very hard to pull yourself out. We got the trailer back to the farm. Everyone was very muddy. After we got changed, we ate the rest of our lunch and got on the bus back home.”

By Ciara, 5th Class

Second class grew sunflowers!

Ms Morans 2nd class were very busy decorating flower pots and planting sunflowers out in the sunny garden!! We have been taking turns watering them every day and they are growing quickly! We can’t wait to see them grow into big sunflowers over the summer at home!

Senior girls footballers

St. Marnock’s NS Parents’ Assocation have very kindly presented our Senior Girls football team with these beautiful photographs to mark our historic victory in the Fingal Schools League Final this year. Each player and coach was presented with their own framed photograph on Sports Day to commemorate our great win and to finish off a fantastic year of football. A huge thank you to Alison from the P.A. for taking the photos and to the P.A. for this very thoughtful gesture!

Santry Athletics 2018

The athletes of St. Marnock’s attended Santry on two consecutive Mondays this year; May 21st and May 28th. On the first day they competed in Hurdles, Long Jump, Shot putt and 600metres.


Matthew Reen: Silver, hurdles , U11

Andrew Comiskey: bronze in 600metres, U14

Killian Lynch: gold in 600metres, U11

They competed in 60metre sprints and relays on the second day.


Fintan Derry : 80m sprint, gold, U12

Boys Under 10 relay team: gold

Boys Under 12 relay team: Silver

Third class tackle construction!

In Mr. Maughan’s third class the children worked in groups to make their own structures. They used straws and plasticine to do this. They learned by trial and error how to make the structure self supporting. You can see here that they managed to come up with some interesting pieces.

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